“alright!You just have a good time.。”

“Hey-hey,Row,Then I will go to the toilet first.,You will play with them first.。”
Zhang Erzhuang said,Also gone。
Just when he is walking, it has already opened mobile phone recordings.,Then I found a better shot.。
After another,Liu Dafu is also a glimpse。
Because Zhang Erzhuang actually brought a good beauty to come in.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Da Ge,People drink less,Why do we have to drink tonight?,Have fun。”
Say,Zhang Erzhuang is directly drinking。
Several many women are also clapping,Then looked forward to Liu Dafu.。
Liu Dafu frowned,Hesitating, it is also a drink.。
Originally Liu Dafu thought it would enter the topic。
But I drink ten o’clock.,He is all slim.,Immediately no longer hesitate。
“Just drinking is not interesting,Let’s play games,How is it drinking while drinking??”
“OK,Liu Big Brother is ready to play?”
“Yup,Liu Boss is ready to play?
Our few sisters will accompany them.。”
Feel a few women around you,Liu Dafu is also excited:“Start now,Let’s play the truth of the truth.,If you lose a glass of wine, you have to take a piece of clothes.。”
“How about it?
You dare not dare?”
“Liu boss,People are not wearing it today.,If you lose, don’t you have any clothes.?”
In the face of this soft but also with a charm sound,Liu Dafu is also laughing.。
“Hey-hey,Don’t serve without clothes.,Of course, is it to use your little mouth??”
“Boss,You are bad,But people like it.。”
Zhang Erzhuang also attracted this gameplay by Liu Dafu.。
When it is not necessary to start。
“Hey-hey,Let’s start.,Just here there is a dice,Three numbers plus,Who is big,Who can ask questions,How about it?”
“no problem,Let’s start。”
Several people said no problem,Zhang Erzhuang,Shake out a fifteen o’clock directly。
The next few people did not shake this point.。
“Hey-hey,Then I first take care of several ladies first.,Ask Liu Big Brother,Liu Big Brother is ready to let people who borrow?”
Liu Dafu heard this,Face is also a change。
Hesitate,Automatic number。
“I lost,You said.,How to punish,I will take a piece of clothes first.。”
“Hey-hey,My penalty is very simple,You come with Xiaomei once,And it is necessary to take the most intense moment with your mobile phone.,How about it?”
I heard this,Xiaomei is also a shameless road:“Boss,You are bad,People are not shipped,No losing can not cooperate。”
“Hey-hey,it is good,Let’s continue。”
soon,Zhang Erzhuang won again,Then I naturally ask a small beauty problem.。