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Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Six More“prison”
Miss Cheng,Zheng Ye is already waiting outside。”
Inside a luxury private room of a restaurant,Cheng Yunxiao is relying on the red sandalwood chair boringly,Facing Li Hao’s report,Did not answer immediately,But use the small file on your hand,Trimming nails intently。
After a while,She looked at her hands carefully,White, tender skin and smooth nails,Smiled contentedly,I just answered Li Hao’s words。
“Who does Zheng Ye think of himself?,No contact for nearly two months,Today I remembered that we came,It turned out to be his appointment time,He himself was late for more than half an hour,He just takes himself too seriously,If I dare to have another time,I will definitely impress him。”
She straightened her body,Raise chin,Arrogant,Zhu lip whispered in a low voice:“Let him in。”
After getting the order,Li Hao directly opened the door of the private room,Zheng Ye has been standing outside the door,Bow your head and say nothing。
He heard Cheng Yunxiao’s words clearly outside the door,Although he was really late,But he dare not explain,I can only tacitly default my fault。
“Yo,Why are you so embarrassed。”Cheng Yunxiao raised his eyes and glanced at the person in front of him with a grin.。
At this time, although Zheng Ye tried his best to tidy up his clothes and hairstyle,But there are still dirt stains on the suit that have not been cleaned up,Both cuffs have different degrees of wear,Take a closer look,He who always loves his clothes,I wore a jacket with an open top。
“Sorry Miss Cheng,My time is running out,Can’t change clothes,I must tell you the news quickly……”
“You came out of prison,Do you have to go back in time??”Cheng Yunxiao was very dissatisfied with Zheng Ye’s attitude,But what Nianzai provided before was all valuable information,So I had to persuade myself to be patient,After listening, decide what to do。
She motioned Li Hao to go outside and guard with her eyes,Not out of distrust,It’s just that the soundproofing effect of this room door is too poor,Lest anyone pass by,Hear the information。
“okay,I can forgive you,But also look at the information you gave,Worth my forgiveness。”
Wait for Li Hao to remove the door,Close the door after nodding,Cheng Yunxiao said to Zheng Ye。