“Then you mean the materials are ready,We just runSHTo join?”Wang Youcai asked with a smile。

Niu Huiling nodded and said:“Once this matter is confirmed,Then you have to act immediately,Otherwise, if someone else opens it later,Then this business is going bad”
“it is good!I’ll be ready to go back tonight。You have to make arrangements,Don’t let the second brother know”Wang Youcai said,He took a long breath。The dust settled,A stone in his heart fell。
noon,Wang Youcai sat down with Wang Youdao and had a potluck。During this period,Wang Youcai and Niu Huiling,No one talks about opening a private hospital anymore。
After closing the box door,Wang Youdao just asked:“what happened?Why did you two become dumb??”
“Damn!That procedure is too troublesome,I can’t do it。Really didn’t expect,There is so much information”Wang Youcai shook his head,Said with a frustrated face。He played well。
Niu Huiling smiled and said:“This can make money,There is nothing to do。Since you can’t even bear this trouble,Then go back and open your little clinic!”
These two sang together,The acting is a bit realistic。Wang Youdao naturally believed,He laughed and said:“I said,This is not as easy as you think,Feel at ease now!After finishing the meal, hurry back and go to your class”
Finance Minister Wang You sighed,Pick up the chopsticks and eat。Wang Youdao made an exception and asked for a half catty of liquor,The brothers drank。
After eating,Wang Youcai really didn’t stay too much,He asked Niu Huiling to drive him to the train station。on the car,Contact information。Because this is not only to be done,And you can’t let Wang Youdao know when you do it。
Wang Youcai didn’t buy a sleeper at the train station,He went back in a hurry,Bought a hard seat。The train left shortly after getting on the train,He made up the sleeper again。
When I return to the city,It’s dark already。He had a potluck while running,So I took a taxi to the small clinic。
Maybe it’s late,The small clinic is quiet。There are two patients waiting to get medicine,And He Jing is reading the newspaper。What Wang Youcai didn’t expect was,Doctor Lu is wearing mirror eyes,Watching the medicine book attentively。
He saw Wang Youcai walk in,I couldn’t help but smile。Just listen to him with a smile:“Boss Wang’s speed is really fast”
“Not okay!Few people tonight,Everyone get off work early!”Wang Youcai said,So he winked at Doctor Lu。
The old man stretched,Yawned and said:“Get off work!There are many patients during this time,All a little tired,Go back to rest early,Let’s do it tomorrow”
He Jing may be the reason why Wang Youcai said something,She didn’t say a word,I just put down the newspaper in my hand,Began to take off her white coat。