Dark circles don’t disappear for a long time or health problems

Dark circles don’t disappear for a long time or health problems

Dark circles do not disappear for a long time or health problems. Old Chinese medicine doctors remind different dark circles of different colors.

  First, the cyan dark circles cause blue skin around the eyes due to poor blood circulation, which is the most common type of dark circles; blue and black eye circles usually occur in the age of 20, and people with abnormal work and rest are particularly difficult to avoid because of their microvascularBlood blood pressure is slow, blood volume increases and oxygen consumption increases, and hypoxic hemoglobin increases. From the outside, the skin appears dark blue.

  Due to microvessels around the eyes, lack of sleep, eye fatigue, stress, anemia and other factors can cause congestion and edema around the eyes.

  Second, the black dark circles cause shadows on the eyes due to edema of the eyes and sagging of the bags under the eyes. They are loose-type dark circles. The three types of people are most prone to loose dark circles: a, thin skin, fine lines around the eyes, loose skin; b, the eyes are large, the facial features are deep; c, people who are prone to edema.

  Third, brown dark circles of the eyes, pigmentation dark circles caused by pigmentation or skin dryness.

The cause of dark circles in tea is closely related to the increase of age. Long-term sun exposure causes pigmentation in the eye area, and over time, it will form dark circles that cannot be swayed.

  In addition, the slow metabolism of melanin caused by blood retention, as well as excessive skin dryness, can also lead to the formation of brown dark circles.

  Fourth, repel the dark conditioning of the daily conditioning side 1, to maintain excess sleep and correct supine sleeping position, better than a variety of care methods.

  2, correct bad eating habits, do not overly salty food and irritating food, do not smoke too much, drink.

  3, timely treatment of chronic diseases, strengthen nutrition, appropriate supplementation of vitamins C, A, E.

  4, acupoint massage black eye is caused by poor blood circulation, acupressure massage helps to open the blood; apply eye massage cream or eye nutrition cream on the skin around the eyes.

  Use the ring finger to press the 瞳孔子髎 (at the end of the eye), the back of the ball (1/3 of the lower eyelid), four white (1/3 inside the lower eyelid), the eye (the inner corner of the inner corner), the fish waist (Eyebrows in the middle), Yingxiang (outside of the nose), each point is blocked after 3-5 seconds of relaxation, and 10 times in a row.

  Use the middle finger and the ring finger (the middle finger is placed on the upper eyelid, the ring finger is placed on the lower eyelid) and gently massage from the inner iliac crest for 10 consecutive times.

Use the index finger, middle finger, ring fingertips to flick the eye, 3 to 5 laps.

  5, mild heat compresses the hot compress to help promote blood circulation, immersed in warm water with a soft cotton towel, wring it out and spread it on the upper eyelid, repeat 2-3 times; the water temperature should not be too hot, because the eyelid skin is very thin, tooThe skin of the skin is loose and wrinkled.

  6, thoroughly remove makeup If you often make up, be sure to use eye-specific liquid lotion to remove eye makeup, especially eyeliner and eyelash parts, do not let cosmetic pigments penetrate into the eyelids, otherwise the eyes look like a black circleIn general, eye-specific cosmetics should be used, and facial cosmetics should not be used.