“Not a threat,Is a notice。”Xiang Chen looks calm,Said lightly。

Xiang Chen looked at Korean Xiang,The latter has no fear at all,Xiang Chen almost replied with the same eyes。
Secretly said, forget it,Xiang Chen shook his head slightly,It’s more reliable on your own。
Pass by Han Yuxiang,Xiang Chen feels there is still a lot to do by himself。
And under the leadership of Wang Qiaoqiao,There are also many old and academic doctors in white coats gathered around Tian Dazhuang。
Suddenly, Sun Luyao, who had been staring at Tian Dazhuang nervously, let out an exclamation.,Xiang Chen hurriedly turned around,Follow Sun Luyao’s eyes,Xiang Chen didn’t see how Tian Dazhuang’s scorched hand dropped,But what do the parallel lines in those displays represent,Xiang Chen still knows。
icuThe doctors in the ward are of all ages,They all started to rescue Tian Dazhuang,Even some young doctors temporarily came to work as nurses。
About ten minutes later,The instruments used to detect Tian Dazhuang recovered after several fluctuations,The two parallel lines are finally back to peace,No more fluctuations。
“Thank you for your efforts,I won’t waste your time anymore。”
Xiang Chen pushed awayicuDoor of the ward,Now the so-called aseptic environment is of no use to Tian Dazhuang。Follow Xiang Chen,Sun Luyao also rushed in,Just covering my mouth,The teardrops in my eyes keep spinning。
Wang Qiaoqiao opened her mouth,Then hung his head,Walked out sadly。She wanted to tell Xiang Chen that she could try again,But for these angels in white who are used to seeing life and death every day,There will be no more miracles in this ward,This is the common understanding of every common-sense healthcare worker。
Wang Xingzhi and Kong Zhen are already waiting with peoplewww.51haow.outside,Xiang Chen and the others came to the hospital,Yu Qing Yu Li, Wang Xingzhi and Kong Zhen should both show up。
Usually,When a person declares that the rescue is invalid,Will put it as soon as possibleicuVacate the ward。Just in Xiang Chen’s current state,No one knows how to talk to him。
“How to do?”Kong Zhen quietly asked Wang Xingzhi。
“How to do?How do i know what to do?If i knew,Won’t stand here!”Wang Xingzhi snorted coldly,I feel quite tricky about the current situation。
So much!Then wait here!Everyone heard the answer in Wang Xingzhi’s tone,Since I don’t know what to do,Then stand here and wait!