The workers burst into laughter,Obviously,Some of them really think so。

“What i want to say is,You guys think too much,Whether it’s steak or pork chops,Are only available in limited quantities,Each person can only receive one,”Chen Geng is also laughing:“So if you want an all-you-can-eat steak,That is impossible,I can’t disclose the specific price of the raw materials in the canteen,Because it involves our contract with the food raw material supplier,But you can refer to the prices of special products in the supermarket,Like chicken legs,A bag5The price of a pound frozen chicken drumstick is only1.99USD,And as a food supplier can be long-term、Bulk purchasing partners,The price of the chicken drumsticks they provide us,Much cheaper than this。”
Listening to Chen Geng talking about a bag in the supermarket5The pound of frozen chicken drumsticks only needs1.99USD,The workers were taken aback:Is that so?
“Mr. Fernandez should be right,”In the crowd,Immediately a worker whispered:“My wife bought a bag of chicken drumsticks last week,I remember it seems to be2USD。”
“According to Mr. Fernandez,The price of the goods in our canteen is even lower,Say so,Maybe the chicken legs purchased in the cafeteria,5Pound Chicken Drumsticks1.5No need for dollars?”
“Hard to say,But it’s cheaper than buying in the supermarket……”
“correct,I went to the supermarket two days ago,I remember it seems to be a special steak,10A big bag of pound only needs1.99USD,Don’t know why it’s so cheap……”
Speaking of the super cheap raw meat products in the supermarket,The interest of the workers came immediately,You start to discuss each sentence。
“Hi!What do you say so much,”at last,Someone interrupted everyone’s chat:“Anyway, as long as we know that the company does not need to subsidize a lot of money for this restaurant、This restaurant can go on,That’s it,others,What do we care about so much?”
“exactly,”Say this out,Immediately won the approval of other workers around:“As long as we know that this independent restaurant can continue to open, it becomes a chant,Other people care about him!”
As the second largest auto manufacturer in the U.S. by production capacity,AMCNo shortage of public relations costs,Since there is no shortage of public relations expenses,So many newspapers in Michigan、Many media platforms such as radio and TV stations have successively releasedAMCAuto Workers’ Cafeteria Report,It’s just a matter of course,Such as famous《Detroit News》,So reported……