But at this moment,Strange things happened!

Zhu Xiaoguang, who had already slipped out of the examination room,Suddenly came back,And also looks depressed。
“Beautiful!Haha!I want to come back for the exam!Auntie drops,This must be tested!”Zhu Xiaoguang muttered to himself,He buried his head and rushed to the desk that Lu Menglin had previously vacated.,Then sat down。
402The brothers in the dormitory looked at each other,I don’t know what happened outside,Actually made Zhu Xiaoguang come back for the exam?Is this the sun coming out from the west??
Everyone in the classroom soon knew the answer,Because it’s at the door of this examination room,Someone appeared,A woman,exactly,Is an extremely beautiful woman。
Her eyebrows and apricot eyes,Skin white as jade,Sexy big wavy curly hair shawl,I am wearing a black dress with a very textured fabric,Wearing a beige knitted jacket,Holding a stack of test papers in his arms,Flirtatious in the hope,Seductive,Full of flavor。
No wonder Zhu Xiaoguang will come back halfway,As long as it is a normal boy,Whoever sees such a stunner,Absolutely refuse to leave。
When this charming female teacher walks into the classroom,The boys all gasped,Staring at her intently,And those girls also looked at this person who had never met with curious eyes,But a very nice female teacher。
“I have never seen her before!If ever seen,Must have an impression!”
“This is our new female teacher?My goodness!This is too beautiful!Just this look,You can definitely make a star debut!”
“I finally know what a real beauty is,I used to think that beautiful people are all imagined by people,It turns out that this kind of best product really exists in reality!”
For a time,The exclamation and shock in the classroom one after another,Endlessly。
Lu Menglin also saw the beauty who came in from the door of the classroom,He was really a little surprised,But more is consternation。