“Actually I think,The most important thing right now,Or you have to keep these。”

“As for the relevant personnel,I will arrange immediately,As long as you report,I will remove these people immediately!”
Lin Kangtai finished,Ye Xuan nodded。
OK,Actually originally,Should do it。
But when I saw this,Actually in Ye Xuan’s heart,For such things,In itself,It’s a little unexpected。
slowly,Looking at these。
At this moment,Ye Xuan nodded heavily。
“Chairman,I promise you,No matter what,As long as these people don’t target me,I would never do this。”
Ye Xuan finished,Lin Kangtai is more important。
“very good,Now that you understand this truth,Then the next thing,In fact, it has become much easier。”
With Lin Kangtai finished,Ye Xuan smiled slightly。
As for other things,Ye Xuan didn’t struggle too much。
“All right,Since this is the case,Then next,What should I do,You can do it yourself。”
Ye Xuan saw this,I don’t forget to speak directly here。
The more so,Actually, Ye Xuan looked at these,At this moment,Ye Xuan’s whole mouth has a faint smile。
“Let’s not talk about anything else,But these things,Actually need to deal with!”
Chapter 39 The Attack
“But now the problem is,What are they going to do?”