He Chong is not to blame,He has a brain,Often can’t respond,Everyone in the circle knows,He is a famous martial idiot,Before he joined the Glory Gun Tai Chi Team,Is continuous5National Martial Arts Champion of the Year,Followed official visits in political circles40Many countries and regions,Won many honors that ordinary people can’t surpass in their lifetime。

So how did such a martial arts wizard enter the field of e-sports??
It is said that,He Chong’s real name is“He Cong”,His master at Ruyi Taijimen“Master of One Water”,Discovered his extraordinary aptitude,Carefully cultivate his every action essentials,And appointed him as the captain of the martial arts team。
“But He Cong has some flaws in his character,Too easy to soften up,I don’t know where to go,Better to rename‘He Chong’Bar!Don’t always think about obeying others in the future,But to have a momentum,Go forward courageously!”Master Yishui said。
that’s it,He Chong changed his name。He Chong as the captain of the martial arts team,The thing I do most is to wake up the younger brothers and sisters every day、Record points to attendance,Also, go to Internet cafes to catch other children playing games to practice martial arts。
Children always like to compete,Why go back,Unless He Chong wins them in the game,He Chong had no choice but to do it,So come and go,No one in Tai Chi Gate can play games above him。All the younger brothers and sisters were convinced that they lost,But they are only looking forward。
Over time,No one calls him again“He Cong”This name,This makes his brother“Where to go”Somewhat helpless,So his brother also changed his name“He Meng”,How Meng is not someone else,Now it is the youngest boxing instructor of Ruyi Taijimen。
Three caves,Due to repeated disobedience,He Meng’s most hated disciple,According to the rules of the gate like a tower,Should be expelled from Ruyi Tai Chi Gate,but,Guitu Sanku, a doll who grew up in Tai Chi Gate, has some hidden secrets,His original name is Zhang Santu,Both parents are disciples of Ruyi Taijimen,It was originally a fascinating couple,But 15 years ago because of a car accident during a martial arts tour,to make
A pair of desperate mandarin ducks,Their child Zhang Santu became an orphan without a father or mother,He grew up in Ruyi Tai Chi Gate since childhood,It’s not that He Meng doesn’t want to fire him,But Zhang Santu is really homeless,Even if he is expelled from his discipleship, he will not leave Tai Chi Gate……
In order to reduce unnecessary trouble for myself,Clean up this rebellious kid who always makes trouble for himself,He Meng will be sent to He Chong’s team,Guitu Sanku does not have much rejection of the game inexplicably,Except for a hot temper,But he will still give He Chong some face,After all, in front of absolute strength,Want to have a say,Can only defeat him。
Cunning Rabbit Three Caves in order to challenge He Chong,2Used various routines and career changes over the years,But He Chong can always cope with changes。This makes him extremely depressed,He Chong always said that waiting for Zhang Santu to challenge himself to succeed in the game,Will give him a chance to replace him,But this day has not come,Guitu Sanku is a bit discouraged,I think the longest way I’ve walked is He Chong’s routine,I know I can’t beat him,Also set this difficult goal,Harmful cunning rabbit Sanku is still a regular two-year team life,I simply suppressed the budding in my heart for too long too long。
“Why don’t you specialize in a profession?This is what Senior He Chong might want to tell you……”One by one, the new team members, one meter and eighth tall, gave their opinions to the three caves of the cunning rabbit lying in front of the computer,。
“who are you?Actually like to point old players?He let me be single?I don’t,I have to prove that the path I choose is my way,My way is the true way!”Guitu Sanku got up and looked at the newcomer with red lips and white teeth with hatred eyes.。
“Ha ha,My name is Huang Shangqing,you can call me‘Injury’or‘Emperor please’,Right my gameIDCalled‘Huanglian Shangqing’!”That one smiles like a mother,The newcomer who doesn’t have a hint of sarcasm introduced himself。