Old man Dong hurriedly illuminated the front of the folding fan to the place where the black smoke disappeared,And the puppet next to him moves faster than him,Bow and arrow,Whoosh,An orange streamer cuts through the night sky,Exploded with a bang,The figure of the strange bird appears,The feather arrow is fanned by its fleshy wings,But also revealed whereabouts,At this time its sharp claws just grabbed one person,Volley flap。

“Fang brother!”Old man Dong exclaimed,Hastily adjusted the direction of the folding fan,Avoid catching with that person,The one caught is an old man,Beard and hair are white,Weak swing of arms,The claws of the strange bird have pierced his shoulders,Serious injury,It is the practitioner who cast the Hunyuan Thunderbolt Net。
This person’s cultivation is not inferior to Old Man Dong,It is also the late stage of Dan formation,Although it has been slow to break through the Nascent Soul Realm,But it can also be regarded as a master in the spiritual world,By no means to be slaughtered,Just because of continuous stimulating Hunyuan Pili.com,True yuan consumption is too large,I was successfully attacked by this strange bird。
There seems to be a flash of silver fireworks in the night sky,Then quickly faded,That Hunyuan Piliwang loses control of the old man,Disperse,One side of the net parcel fell like fallen leaves,now,Everyone is throwing a rat avoidance device,Back again after the old man’s scolding,The encirclement was immediately full of loopholes,Everyone can only watch the strange bird catch the old man flying higher and higher。
With the whistling sound,Two giant strange birds emerged from the gap in space,Neighing,Pounce on Old Man Dong,Rushed towards Gu Changfeng,Old Gu’s creeps suddenly,In a rush to direct the puppet to shoot arrows,But the strange bird suddenly turned in the air,Pounce at Old Man Dong’s back faster。
Weird birds are very intelligent,See the power of the folding fan,I didn’t want my life to attack Old Man Dong back and forth,Li Hao and other younger cultivators threw out the flying swords and other weapons in their hands,The automatic weapons in the hands fired together,I want to firmly protect Dong Lao’s back with powerful firepower。
But something terrible happened,A fan of strange bird’s meat wings,All the magic weapons were shot flying,The bullet could not penetrate the skin of the strange bird at such a close distance.,The huge impact has very limited damage to the strange bird,This giant turned several somersaults in the air,Teng Ran showed his claws,Straightly grabbed the old man Dong’s back。
The strange bird on the front was intercepted by Mr. Yang and the other three,They did bad things in a hurry,Old man Dong is concentrating on controlling the giant painting fan,Just wait for the strange bird to hit it,Seeing my family break in,Had to give up,Old man Dong is still hard to use this giant fan,Mainly still the difference in cultivation level,So almost never used it in actual combat,For the first time today,But repeated measures,Can’t help but frustrate confidence,I didn’t care about the danger after coming to myself。
In the unbearable exclamation,Old man Dong suddenly exploded his scalp,I feel tight,Tearing pain all over the body,Then there is nothing,Actually rises off the ground,This surprise is not trivial,He knew immediately that he had stepped in the footsteps of that brother,Became a prisoner under the claws of a strange bird。
The true essence of the whole body began to leak out quickly,Want to fight back,Suddenly weakened limbs,Old man Dong knew there was no escape,You must not let go of these three evil spirits from other worlds just because your subordinates throw a rat avoidance device,He prepares to explode,Strictly warn everyone,Fighting with alien creatures must not have the slightest fluke,In addition,It can kill one of the strange birds anyway?
At this moment,A strong light shines in the sky,Followed by a touch of green from far to near,It’s hard to tell when I see it,In an instant,The emerald green has quickly enveloped the entire scene,The instructor and Gu Changfeng have a look,Are overjoyed,Leaf knife!
The rapidly spinning green ring,Swipe across the long neck of the strange bird,The ugly bird with a tall goose crown suddenly separated from its body,Subsequently,The green ring floats like fallen leaves,The two giant claws holding Old Man Dong were also severed,The old man Dong who was almost about to explode with the golden core, suddenly walked through the underworld,Thinking blank,Falling straight from the air。
“Walker,There is an old man,Where!”Gu Changfeng opened his throat and shouted,Although he can’t see where Li Tianzhen is,,But still desperately sticking fingers and flying farther and farther,Already a little white dot, another strange bird,That was called by Old Man Dong‘Fang brother’The old man is dressed in white。
Ye Dao buzzed,Go away suddenly,Then a faint golden light that was imperceptible to the naked eye also flew towards the white spot,in a blink,A green light flashed near the white spot,Then the white spots began to fall straight。
“bad!”Gu Changfeng slapped his head,Then shouted again,“Walker,Save people to the end,so tall,Old man will fall to death。”
No one responds,But in everyone’s attention,The speed of the old man’s fall suddenly slowed,at the same time,The green light flies back again at an incredible speed,Hovering in mid-air and suddenly standing still,The old man Yang and the three are now beating and killing the last strange bird,Fierce anomaly,Ye Dao is eyeing,But didn’t intend to help。
“Walker,Since it’s here,Come out and meet。”Instructor shout。