But this does not mean that they only know how to kill and kill members of the four mythical beast family。

It is also possible to cultivate or enslave members of the four mythical beasts as spies。
Although the rise of the Lieshan Elves is not long,But the strength is definitely the pinnacle level of the palace lord。His previous battles,Battle of Flower Island,Besieged and killed by the three major palace masters,The battle to kill the blood elves, etc.,Have proved the strength of the peak of the palace lord。
Even the patriarch of the eight major families is not sure to defeat him。。。Even if it is two enemy one or even three enemy one,Maybe it’s okay to beat the opponent,But it’s impossible to stay。
But send out three powerhouse masters,It’s already a limit for the eight big families。
In addition to the eight patriarchs,There are only two or three palace-level powerhouses on the face of the eight major families,And they are all weaker in the palace master level。
Eight families,It’s because of the enmity of the four mythical beast families that unite together。It’s not a group of friendly。
Dispatched more than three patriarchs to besieged the elves,What if you fall?What if there is a loss?What if the four mythical beast families swarm out and desperately?
Anyway, now the eight big families besieging the four mythical beast families can be considered orderly。Although your lord Youlan jumped in,Preventing them from completely exterminating the four mythical beast families。But it weakens little by little,In the eyes of the eight patriarchs, it is completely acceptable。
Of course on the other hand,Although the wife of the Lieshan Elf is very strong,,Should have the strength comparable to the Seven-Star Elves,But the previous battles have never used their talents。
And the intelligence of the eight major families also showed,This member of the Qinglong clan,Ten thousand years ago, the four mythical beast families did not move.。
Maybe self-comfort,Or to give yourself a step down,The eight patriarchs directly judged that she was a very distant branch of the Four God Beast family,Haven’t even experienced the baptism in the ancestral hall。
Hate the four mythical beast family again,For a very far side branch to face up with a palace master pinnacle master,This behavior is obviously not worthwhile。