Xia Jian said with a smile。

Daochang Ziyi shook his head and said:“It’s all your credit,If it weren’t for you to open the Ziyang Temple tour route,I have such a strong incense here。Two years ago,As a teacher, I think this life is over like this,I didn’t expect you to realize this dream for me。Ziyang View Now,There are as many as twelve Taoist priests sitting and watching,And I have a successor,So be me……”
“master!Don’t you always say that,You can live to be over 100 years old”
Xia Jian interrupted Dao Master Ziyi,Said emotionally。
Daochang Ziyi smiled and said:“I’m already alive,I should have left two years ago,But seeing Ziyang Guan so defeated,I can’t bear to leave as a teacher,It’s different now。You saw it too,The Ziyang Temple now plays the role of its ancient outlook。One can let everyone sightseeing,Two can pray for the people in all directions,This is what i hope”
“master!You can do more”
Xia Jian said eagerly。
Daochang in purple smiled slightly,Took a breath and said:“Everything is fate,Can not be forced。You’re a disciple, you have done a lot for the peaceful city,Loved by everyone。Merchants put interests first,But we must understand the true meaning of taking from the people and using it for the people。That’s difficult,Because there are not many people who can do yours”
“master!You saved my life,Since when,I know I must give back to the society,So I did everything as it should”
Xia Jian said,Bowed his head very religiously。
“Ok!You are great good,It’s just that you have committed peach blossom in your life”
Mr. Ziyi said,Suddenly looked at Guan Tingna。He watched for a long time,Can’t help but shook his head:“Let it go,Not forcibly detached。Three-legged standing,Is your greatest guarantee of success,The mystery,Maybe you will understand it after many years”
Guan Tingna listened to Dao Master Ziyi’s words,She seems to understand something。
“Grandmaster!I have never believed in fate,But today I don’t know why,I just want to hear you talk about me……”
Guan Tingna talked but stopped,After all, Lin Wei is still standing beside her。
Daochang Ziyi smiled and said:“Believers have,Don’t believe it。You were born rich,Could have enjoyed it,But you are trapped by love。Even though I’m nameless in this life,But you will be happy”