He wants,Personally use a dagger to scrape the enemy alive。

To pay tribute to their dead comrades。
at this time,I don’t know who is the first to say。
Then everyone yelled,Unforgettable bloody hatred。
“We must use the blood of the enemy to pay tribute to our comrades in arms!”
Flying Wolf said in a deep voice,Clenched fist,Blue tendons burst。
“set off,search for,Be sure to find clues about the enemy,”Flying wolf commands。
An instant,Everyone is going in different directions。
“Flying wolf,Here are clues,”Qin Hao said at this time。
Then point to a corner,This is a fragment。
“The above seems to bemChinese characters,”Qin Hao gave the fragments to Flying Wolf。
“I seem to know where they are,”Flying wolf just took a look,Then smelled it,Just said。