“You said why this is concerned!Not all because it is not so difficult??”

Li Huihe listened to Liu Xu’s slightly tone,Rapida understands that the other party will not leave your own,Immediately there is a breath。
“Hey-hey,Sweet sister rest assured,I won’t let such things happen.。”
“As long as the sweet sister doesn’t leave me,So don’t want to stop me from being with sweet sister.。”
Li Hui said this,A tightening that is not hugged。
Willow sweet is also the hardship of Li Hui Feng.,I immediately patted Li with the wind.。
“I can’t breathe.!”
|“Oh oh,Sweet sister,I’m so excited,sorry!”
“It’s fine。”
Looking at Li Hui’s face worry,Willow sweet is also gently coming out from Li Hui’s embrace.。
And Li Hui also thinks that he is going back to do this time.。
Through the willows,He feels that the so-called Meng Wenxuan is afraid not to be as simple as the pursuit of Liu Xu.,I am afraid I will think about this hotel.,Then according to it。
It’s good to come back in time.,Otherwise, he feels with willow sweet to the other party’s trust.,It is very likely to let the other party succeed。
“Sweet sister,That Meng Wenxuan’s wages remember to give him a look,Then let him go away,I will open a meeting for a while.,Collect all people。”
“Um,I’ll listen to you。”
“When do you want to open??”
Willow sweet feeling is now the time when the passenger traffic is,Should not open now。
But Li Hui’s answer is that she is somewhat unexpected.。
“The sooner the better,It is best now,Contained Meng Wenxuan。”
“Row,Then I will arrange this。”
Liu Xu’s words about Li Hui,There is no one hesitate。
soon,Li Hui Hui let Liu Xu’s all the plazen in front of the hotel.。
And the most basic waiters staying in the hotel。
Li Hui is looking at more than 20 people in front of him.,These include a disdainful Meng Wesixuan。
He has no nonsense,Directly hold Meng Wenxuan。
“Meng Wansuan,What are you doing here??Not told you that you have not been released??Lead your salary and hurry,If you want to continue to fight with me,I don’t mind, play with you.。”
Li Hui said this,The murder of the eyes directly looks to Meng Wenxuan。
At the same time, the momentum of the body directly lets everyone ignore Li Hui Feng, who is wearing ordinary dress.。
No one thinks that Li Hui is actually so powerful.。
Meng Wenxuan is a little bit of it by Li Hui’s eyes.。
“Humph,Is Liu Jiao let me come over。”
“Correct,I let her call you,Since you have said yourself, I have to go.,I can’t ask you again.,So, you will resign,I am not being expelled.,rest assured,I will give you a salary.。”
“But don’t expect anything else.,If I investigate something?,You may have to eat。”
Li Hui Feng feels that the other party wants to be as accounting,So want to do it empty,I have already made a good feet in advance.,Otherwise, there will be no so strong confidence.。
“okay,you can go now。”