Dialogue "100 billion courier girls" "This luck is an encouragement of returning home"

Original title: Dialogue "100 billion courier girl" "This luck is an encouragement of returning home" ■ On December 8, the national post office express big data platform real-time monitoring data shows that in 2021 my country’s express delivery has reached 1 billion This is the first time in my country’s express year’s business exceeded 100 billionth, has been ranking in the world for 8 consecutive years, and the average daily service users have been nearly 700 million.

■ It is understood that the 100 billion courier this year is a box from the Yanyan Orange sent from Zhengshankou Village, Yueyue Town, Meishan City, Sichuan Province. And the recipient location is Xi’an in Shaanxi. ■ I didn’t expect China, the 100 billion parcels this year were actually produced in their own hands. This "unexpected joy" made Zhang Feng into the "100 billion express girl" and gave her more confidence.

■ On December 8th, Chengdu Business News-Red Star Journalist contact Zhang Fusheng, speech, her laughter is cool, saying that she returns home business, in addition to being confident in his hometown, more importantly, his own age is still Young is to have a dream. Become "100 billion courier girl" Sichuan 90, female college students go home to sell fruit "until the relevant person of Post is notified me, I know that I am a hundred billion express girl, too lucky, happiness is too sudden, laughing girl, luck Will not be too bad.

"At noon on December 8, the Chengdu Business News-Red Star Journalist contact Zhang Fushed, she was immersed in excitement.

Zhang Fengmeng said that this year’s 100 billion express is a 9-pound of Emery Orange, the price of 55 yuan, the location of the recipient is Xi’an, "I hope they can share this joy together." Zhang Feng’s home, in the village of Joy Town, Yuezhen Town, Dongpo District, Meishan City, is located in the northwest of Meishan City, more than 20 kilometers away from urban areas, usually have outsiders, and started to start with autumn and winter. Every household is busy picking citrus, the goods sold to the foreign wholesalers, or sells through the network platform, which is the main source of income from the villagers. The north and south of the village, there is a small courtyard, from the window of the room, the place is all the citrus trees in the mountains, and Zhang Fueli is here every day through the Internet sales home and village. Fruits and then sent to all parts of the country through the express delivery station in the village. In the past, the villagers sent oranges to ride three-wheeled car to 10 kilometers away from 10 kilometers, and the time-firing is very inconvenient. In July of this year, under the support of the Meishan Postal Administration, Zhengshankou Village and express delivery enterprises cooperated to use the idle public assets of the Village Party Service Center to open a express public service station, solve the daily receipt of the villagers, send express delivery Demand, also for the village, Eyuan Orange, and Yan Shi, etc., the bridge, etc. At the same time, Zhang Fu meng chose to return to the hometown at the same time in the express station.

The professionalism of Zhang Fu University in 1993 was psychology. After graduation, I went to Shanghai a Internet foreign-funded enterprise to do data analysis, and there were seven or eight thousand yuan per month. Later, Zhang Fu-meng returned to Chengdu and opened the home. In March this year, the father told her that the sales situation of Embassy orange this year is not optimistic. "With the continuous expansion of Ehmera orange planting, the epidemic influence, most of the oranges in the village can only sell to wholesalers at very low prices." Zhang Fengmeng said, seeing the village has a express service station, she holds the test A test attitude, forward in a circle, social group, and opened an online store, helping home to sell Embal Orange. What can’t be her unexpected is that the customers are gratifying to her home.

In the time of more than a month, she sells her own 3,000 pounds of Emele Orange.

After the relatives and neighbors were listening, they were looking for home to ask her to help. "I will help them sell, the price is more than doubled than sold to wholesalers." "I am not suitable for the atmosphere of the workplace, plus my age is not big, I want to do something you like." And many rural youths that I want to develop in large cities, Zhang Fenmere feels that they are more suitable for rural areas.

In July of this year, after some thinking, Zhang Fusheng was supported in the support of his family.

"I have confidence in my hometown", this lucky is the support of returning home. After the support of their family, Zhang Fu melted began to punch, from planting to harvest, to sell, and stepped up. Since September, Ehmele Orange has matured again. Zhang Feng’s experience has also become more abundant. She seized a great opportunity to enter the village. On December 8th, she is in less than half a year, it has become "100 billion courier girl". . Zhang Fengmeng said that he can become the "koi" of the first 100 billion express delivery, it is an accident, it is also an encouragement of the entrepreneurship of ourselves, and has firmly determined her net sales, helping everyone to get rich together.

"In the past few days, the citrus in the village is mature. I will continue to help everyone online." Zhang Fengmeng said confidently, she has changed the name of the online store "100 billion cent love橙, has a lucky blessing of 100 billion pieces, and more confident on this road. In fact, Zhang Feng’s accident is inevitably: In recent years, the Meishan, who is represented by "Meishan Chuncou", is called.

In 2019, due to the outstanding industrial advantage, Meishan was identified as a good night’s citrus, Chinese characteristic agricultural product advantage, 2020 is among the national unique evening mature citrus advantage characteristic industrial clusters. The Embar Orange, which is a distinctive pointers in the eyebrows, and the citrus is also known as the jelly orange, because of the unique taste, the vitamin content is rich and the consumer is free.

At present, Meishan has 5 districts and counties as the leading industry, and the planting area reaches 1.05 million mu, including 880,000 mu of evening matters, 35 citrus 10,000, the overall citrus output value reached 11.5 billion yuan, driving more than 100,000 Employees have increasing 10,000 yuan.

Zhang Fu-meng is a member of this million people.

In her opinion, express delivery logistics, network and other infrastructure, plus the price policy of express station in the village, delivery cost is cheaper than the town, laid a solid foundation for her network sales. No. 100 billion Express witnessed express service "Sichuan goods from Chuan" In fact, the first 100 billion express delivery is in Sichuan Meishan, which is both a testimony of my country’s express industry development. It is also a testimony of Sichuan Express Service "Sichuan Province." The relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Postal Administration told reporters that by the end of June this year, Sichuan Province, 26,114 provinces in Sichuan Province, realized the communication channel. In 2021, the Sichuan Post Express Industry implemented "Express to enter the village hundred days", adopted "According to the village list, inverted time, one village one policy, account filler, list sales number" mode wall chart operation. On this basis, Sichuan polish the "gold medal sign" in agriculture. Up to now, the express service "Sichuan" "Sichuan" delivery has achieved more than 100 million.

Relevant data shows that by the end of October this year, Sichuan Province has cultivated 184 "one county and one product" delivery brand, driving agricultural production value billion.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Post Administration, the next step in Sichuan will promote the more closely combined with the courier and express delivery villages, and the local economic development, the rural rejuvenation is more closely intensive, and the construction of the county country three-level logistics distribution system is continuously expanded. Sichuan goods sent social influence.

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