The basic technical essentials of badminton batting

The basic technical essentials of badminton batting

The badminton batting technique is ultimately reflected in the speed of the ball, the change, the ability to control and change the arc of the ball, the accuracy of the landing point, and the speed of the ball at the same hitting point, the point of the arc, the arc.Such changes.

  The basic technical essentials of badminton batting can be divided into gripping – hitting point – action coordination – control of the face – action consistency and so on.

  Grip: I have already introduced the correct grip posture and various changes.

A good grip method is correct and flexible, which is the basis of the hitting technique.

Do not hold the grip too tightly so that the wrist can fully exert force and control the size and direction of the hitting power.

  Batting point: The height to be hit by the hitting point, so the hitting is done when hitting the ball, instead of waiting until the ball has already approached the body.

The moment of hitting the ball should be the moment of the swing speed. The hitting force should not be too early or too late, and the strength of the force and the hitting strength.

  The mistakes made by good players are based on the pursuit of quick hitting, often premature or prematurely swinging, so that they can not exert the maximum strength at the moment of hitting the ball.

The solution is to calm down, relax your body and wrists, and have a good judgment on the ball before hitting the ball.

  Coordination of movements: The coordination of movements is the key to exerting strength. Coordinated movements can mobilize the strength of various parts of the body and concentrate on exerting strength.

Coordinated movements also come from a relaxed body, which can lead to stiff movements, movements that are too large or distorted, and thus insufficient force.

  Consistency of movement: When the master hits the ball, he can change a variety of ball and landing points, so that the opponent can’t judge before the ball is out. This is the consistency of the action.

  The consistency of motion requires that the backcourt action should be exactly the same when pulling the ball, killing the ball and hanging the ball. It is only different at the moment of hitting the ball.

The action in front of the net is the same. Grab the high point of hitting the ball, and the action of smashing, fluttering, pushing, and hooking can be completed.

The consistency of the action is the basis of the fake action.