November 8th NBA online live video Pistons vs Clippers Zhuang Shen pk Little Jordan_1


November 8th NBA Online Video Live Pistons vs Clippers Zhuang Shen PK Jordan
At 11:30 on November 08, 2016, Beijing time, the NBA regular season Clippers VS Pistons.The Clippers’ goal this season is to reach the Western Conference finals, and the team has performed very well in the new season.The Pistons also performed very well, with Drummond inside playing stably, but there was a certain gap between the team and the Clippers in the depth of the bench.The game will be broadcast live at half an hour in advance at 11:00 am on the 8th.Click on the picture to enter the video live room. More Pistons vs Clippers live broadcast address: QQ live (no plug-in) QQ live 2 (no plug-in) QQ live 3 (no plug-in) interactive graphic live score live broadcast Zhuang Shen vs. Xiao Jordan: Competition of top defensive teams]In tomorrow’s game between the Pistons and Clippers, defense may be the key to the final decision.Both teams are strong defensive teams this season, and the Clippers averaged 90 points per game.7 points, ranking first in the league, and their average per game is 102.7 points.The Pistons are second only to the Clippers in scoring points per game. They averaged 93 points and averaged 100 points.5 points.  The Clippers point guard Chris Paul is currently ranked first in the league steals list, he can contribute 3 per game.5 steals.The Clippers averaged 10 steals per game.0 times, ranked first in the league.  Drummond of the Pistons is the top defender in the post, averaging 14.With 7 rebounds, the Pistons averaged 47 per game.Three rebounds, ranked fifth in the league.The Clippers rank 11 in this statistic, and their team averages 45 per game.2 rebounds.In terms of offensive rebounds, the two teams are equal, with an average of 10 offensive rebounds per game.2.  It is foreseeable that the contest between the two teams must be a brutal defensive battle. Whoever can better control the opponent’s game and who can better control the rebound is likely to win the game.[Star Showdown: Jordan Jr.’s melee in the basket]As a substitute for the top defender in the post, the contest between Drummond and Jordan Jr. will be very exciting.  In this season’s game, Drummond is averaging 13.7 points, 14.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.3 steals and 1.5 bilateral; Jordan is averaging 9.0 points, 12.3 rebounds, 0.5 assists, 0.3 steals and 2.Start with 0.From the data point of view, Drummond is better than Little Jordan, but this is related to the role of the two in the team.  Jordan is a defender and end point in the Clippers, while Drummond is the core of the piston tactics.  However, the two individuals are very similar, that is, bad free throws.Drummond and Jordan Jr. were one of the league’s worst free throwers last season, and this situation has not changed in the new season.In 6 games of the new season, Jordan Jr. made a free throw and reset.6%, a new career low.Drummond reset his free throws in the first 6 games by 48.5% is the height he has never reached in his career.[Recent status of the two sides: Clippers have won in the past 5 years]The Pistons are currently ranked fifth in the east with 4 wins and 2 losses, and the Clippers are ranked second in the west with 5 wins and 1 loss.After the Pistons achieved a three-game winning streak, the last game unexpectedly lost to the Nets. Both away games this season lost.  In addition to losing one game to the Thunder, the Clippers maintained a victory in other games.In the last game, the Clippers easily defeated the Memphis Grizzlies.  In the past 5 seasons, the two teams have fought a total of 9 times, of which the Clippers won 9 games.In the last two matches between the two sides last season, the Pistons narrowed the gap between the two teams, and both games lost with a slight gap.[Comment before the game: Griffin is ready for defense]Pistons coach Van Gundy recently praised the team’s replacement strikers Harris and Marcus Morris.Van Gundy said that Harris is always eager to become stronger and very mature.In his coaching of the Pistons, Harris will take the initiative to find where he needs to improve, and never make any excuses for himself.  At the time of Morris, Van Gundy said: Morris and Harris are a type of player, and they will continue to improve.  The Clippers have already started the hardship of this game. Their starting power forward Griffin said: Everything must start from the defense.This is something we have been talking about, but it is by no means an exaggeration.[Expected starting]Pistons: Ismail-Smith, Pope, Harris, Marcus Morris, Drummond Clippers: Paul, Redick, Bamot, Griffin, Jordan Jr.