Chapter four hundred and ten Su Ran was fined
Xiao Fan knew that Old Fan wouldn’t be so easy to agree to let Su Ran approach danger,If he will send Su Ran abroad, he must have planned Su’s way out for half a lifetime。
Everyone says that Fan Lao is ruthless and righteous,Inhumane fireworks,Live for the self,Only Xiao Fan knows,When Fan Lao treats someone sincerely,I will give all my hard work。
As long as they are valued by Fan Lao,I also know very well what this old Fan is like,Knowing that sometimes he is hard-mouthed and soft-hearted,and so,Even in normal times,What kind of punishment does Lao Fan punish them?,These people are also treated as a kind of love for them.。
this matter,If Mr. Fan doesn’t agree,Xiao Fan will never force,After all, everyone has the right to protect their loved ones。
Su Ran followed Fan Lao to the secret room,This secret room,It’s Fan Lao’s private domain,Even Xiao Fan has only been lucky enough to meet him once,Su Ran knows what it means to bring her to the secret room。
Su Ran promised Fan Lao before going abroad,I will never touch areas that shouldn’t belong to her in this life,And don’t put yourself in danger,He also promised that Mr. Fan would continue to hide his identity after returning home,Live safely。right now,But want……
Su Ran broke his promise first,If grandpa wants to punish her today,She will definitely accept,I even hope Fan will punish her,This way, Old Fan might feel better,Not so angry anymore。
Fan Lao Lu was cold from beginning to end,Not say a word,He has protected Su Ran so well for so many years,Do you want to watch her go in danger like this?。
To the secret room,Old Fan glanced at Su Ran and said:“Just stay here and give me reflection,Without my permission,You are not allowed to go out this door!”
Su Ran stayed in the secret room,When Fan Lao turned and left,She suddenly said:“grandfather,I accept your punishment,I also know that I’m not keeping promises,I worry about you,But I really want to manage the base with Shen Lin,I want to live a different life。”
Old Fan shook his head helplessly,Sighed and said:“You want to live a different life now,It’s too late to regret after you experience it。”Turn around and leave。