But the snake girl is really quite interesting,Took the initiative to solve the trouble of the Zhu family for Lu Menglin,It’s not so much to reciprocate,Rather, it’s because of the fear of the great sage Lu Menglin,Deliberately please。

Since the Zhu family no longer poses any threat,Lu Menglin and the four have no need to stay in Jincheng anymore。
Just when they were about to leave the hotel,When going to the airport,Lu Menglin unexpectedly received a call。
“Hey,Lu Menglin,it’s me!I have arrived at Jincheng Airport,Where are you?”What came from the phone was a long-lost voice,While full of magnetism,There is also an indescribable confidence。
Lu Menglin was a little surprised,Replied quickly:“Our Shangri-La hotel in the city center,Ready to go to the airport!How did you come?Is there anything i can help?”
“Count you!Then come to the airport!I’ll wait for you at the airport!I’m here specifically for you,I’ll talk after you meet。”Jiang Jinghong’s voice was on the other end of the phone,As old as passionate。
“it is good!wait for me!Coming soon!”Lu Menglin hung up after speaking,No more。
Jiang Jinghong suddenly appeared in Jincheng,And came here to find myself,This surprised Lu Menglin,I thought she would never come to intercede for the Zhu family, right??
It’s a pity that the Zhu family,Actually, it really has nothing to do with me,I’m afraid I will disappoint her。
Talked to the other three brothers,The four rushed to Jincheng Airport。
Jiang Jinghong has been waiting for a long time,Already a little impatient。
Hello sister!Why are you looking for me in such a hurry??”Reunion,Of course Lu Menglin smiled,Greeting。
Jiang Jinghong glanced at the three people behind Lu Menglin,Nod at them slightly,Said:“I have something to discuss with you,Let’s talk a few words alone。”
Listen to her,Chen Jiannan and they are very acquainted and walk away quickly,Leave room for Jiang Jinghong and Lu Menglin。