As everyone knows, the moment Xiao Fan turned around,Lin Yoona who was lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes。

Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan’s back,A few drops of tears fell from the corner of her eyes.,At this moment,Lin Yoona’s heart was full of emotions。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty One relieve fatigue
Soon,Came from the bathroom“Rushing”The sound of running water,Lin Yuna knows,This is Xiao Fan putting bath water for her。
The irritable mood just now has been unknowingly replaced by Xiao Fan’s full of love。
Although Lin Yuner’s heart is not particularly clear about Xiao Fan’s true strength,But one thing,Lin Yoona’s heart is very sure,That is Xiao Fan is definitely not an ordinary person。
And not only is he not an ordinary person,Still a very, very capable person,And his kind of strength is not what I can imagine。
but,Just such a person,Such an omnipotent man,But I am willing to be in my own home,Accept,It’s just years of grievance。
later,He used his strength to help himself again and again,Helped the Lin family,In exchange for everyone’s respect for him。
but,Even so,Xiao Fan still failed to get rid of his practice of putting himself first,anytime,As long as you need it,Whether it’s a major company issue,Still small things in life,He is always the first time to help himself deal with it。
and,Never complained。
Like it is now,Even the little things like putting bath water,Xiao Fan is willing to do it for himself。
Be like this,What’s not satisfied with Lin Yoona??
Withdraw my gaze to look at the bathroom,Because there is no longer Xiao Fan in sight。
She closed her eyes obediently,Close your eyes。
Soon,Xiao Fan put the bath water and walked out,Wait till he comes to the bed,When I want Lin Yoona to take a hot bath,He found that Lin Yuner unexpectedly heard a uniform breathing。