Ye Qingqing simply expressed his attitude and opinion,No further defense,Can sit here and receive the money,It is indeed related to my own efforts,But it is indeed inseparable from Ding Sheng and their capital operation behind their own。

“What happened?”
Xiang Chen seems to be back,Kneaded my eyes,I wanted to sleep till the end of this boring party,But these three people around me,There is really no way to create a good sleeping atmosphere for myself,Especially Li Tianxing,Always increasing prices,Disturbing dreams。
Xiang Chen woke up suddenly,No one has answered Xiang Chen’s question yet,The waiter at the reception is also carrying something,Let Li Tianxing sign。
“It seems to have spent a lot of money!”
In the auction,Although Xiang Chen has not participated in similar interactions,But Xiang Chen saw the scene before him,Can understand,What is happening。
Li Tianxing smiled at Xiang Chen who only woke up,Said:“I spent a lot of money,I just don’t understand why I have to sign every time the auction is successful,Take a look!Did my character grow a lot??”

Chapter five hundred and fourteen Infighting
Among all the people present,Li Tianxing is certainly not the richest,But he is most willing to spend money,After he took the third item,Every success,It’s all in a certain way,Same result。
So that,The look in his eyes changed a lot every time the waitress who came to him to sign for confirmation looked at him。
After the scribbled signature,Li Tianxing was not in a hurry to hand the documents back to the waitress,Instead, Xiang Xiangchen showed off his handwriting。
“I don’t feel bad for spending money like this?”
Xiang Chen saw a lot of Li Tianxing’s names,He doesn’t think there will be Li Tianxing’s personal fans here,So what do these names mean,That’s obvious。
Look at Li Tianxing,Xiang Chen doesn’t know if Xiangyang’s children will be like this in the future,Spend big money,Spend money like running water。
The efforts of previous generations,People behind can’t see,For them,There is a big mountain at home,It won’t matter if you throw a few big rocks。
Xiang Chen is distracted,Knowing that Li Tianxing’s palm is dangling in front of his eyes,Xiang Chen is back,Inquiring look at Li Tianxing,Ask him what he wants with his eyes?
“You won’t listen to me all the time?”