Talking,The girl patted herself on the chest,A terrified expression,Made everyone laugh。

“Don’t wrong Wen Yunyun!”
This is what Lin Manzhen said,Last time because of Wang Zhenjie’s girlfriend relationship broke down,Haven’t spoken for a long time,Now Wen Yunyun is happy to see that she actually speaks for herself。
“still you.”
Have not finished,Lin Man really interrupted,“Listen to my dad,They went to jail,I haven’t been,I heard that his parents came to my house and begged my dad for help!”
First51chapter Wen Yunyun was beaten
Hear words,Everyone burst into laughter,She didn’t care about Wen Yunyun’s increasingly ugly expression,Saw her collapse,Lin Manzhen’s eyes flashed with pride。
I heard that Wang Zhenjie is going to be discharged,Dress yourself up,But learned that he went to find Wen Yunyun!Why doesn’t this make her sad?Why not hate?
“What are you guys!You guys are worthy to call me?”
Wen Yunyun is not a wronged person,I heard everyone laugh at myself,Got angry right away,Regardless of whether the other party is crowded or not,Direct curse。
Hear her,Some classmates with poor family conditions,No sound,But his face is also ugly,But the conditions at home are not bad,Didn’t get used to her at all!
“What are we?At least we are not like someone,Xiaosan’s daughter,Jump every day,And also a prisoner!Tut tut!”