After the three have finished speaking,We bowed and thanked He Bu together,Sincere。

He Bu obviously panicked,Stammered quickly:“Do not,not me!I did nothing!”
Wei Xiaoxing also followed:“You guys,Is there any misunderstanding??”
The voice has not fallen,The female mage named Xi looked at Wei Xiaoxing,Said to He Bu with a smile:“Little brother,Your pet looks pretty well-behaved,Where did you get it?I want to get one to play next time。”
“Pet?”He Bu、Wei Xiaoxing,Liu Niuer、All four of Lu Menglin were stunned。
“Little brother,You saved our lives,Don’t be polite to us!You should take these trophies!”The little priest in white robe smiled。
“Wait a minute,What the hell is a spiritual pet?When did I become his favorite?”Wei Xiaoxing is not happy this time,Don’t bring such a bully,You can dislike my weakness,But you have to treat me like a human!
The three of them ignored Wei Xiaoxing,You are not even a person,We don’t talk to pets,On the contrary, he was full of enthusiasm for He Bu。
He Bu was also a little panicked,Can’t help but cast his eyes on Teacher Lu。
Lu Menglin frowned slightly,He has been observing the members of these three gods,I always feel that there is an indescribable weirdness in the other party。
“Three,I made it just now,Do you know what i am?”Lu Menglin suddenly said,And when you speak, it’s strange things that everyone doesn’t understand。
What is called,Do you know what i am?Liu Niuer was taken aback first,Immediately showed a surprised expression,Lower your head immediately,Say nothing。
The young Taoist priest in white robe turned his head this time,Take a serious look at Lu Menglin,Then suddenly smiled:“Little brother,It’s okay with your spirit,But the hero you brought is really good!What spell did he use just now,Even Huang Quan Mo can control?”
“hero?What is it?”He Bu shook his head,Muttered。
At this moment,The female mage Xi blinked,Smiled:“Oh!I know,Because you are still young,Level too low,So I don’t understand anything!Which city are you a citizen?Need us to send you back?”
He Bu was really confused by the question,I had to look at Teacher Lu for help。