“If King Jun is here,Guess he dare to talk to me like this?”Lu Meng’s face is as heavy as iron,Said coldly。

“what?Haha!This wild boy is really serious!Bros!Don’t froze,Give him a good look,My Sun Sanlei wants to show him,What is arrogant!”Sun Sanlei cried out strangely,It also caused a lot of applause around。
How could Tu Shanming behind Lu Menglin bear this kind of sigh?,Grinned immediately:“grown ups,Leave it to me here!You go first!”
Talk about it,This guy draws a knife,One stop one hundred,Rush over。
Sun Sanlei wants to fight each other,Suddenly he pulled out the knife with great interest,Unambiguous。
“Wait!”No one thought,Lu Menglin suddenly made a noise at this time。
“Now I know regret?late!You guys dare to resist arrest,Kill without mercy!”Sun Sanlei shouted,There was a loud promise from all around。
Long Zhanye frowned,He is not
Got it。
These people present,Don’t look at the hundreds,No one can really fight,That is to say, the leader has forty-two levels,Reluctantly,Those left,All are around level 40,There are also 38 levels mixed in to charge,Mobs like this,Don’t say it’s Lord Wuhao,Even if it’s me and Tu Shanming,Just a rush,The opposite is mostly defeated。
Master Wu Hao is extremely anxious,At this moment, he stopped Tu Shanming,Is there something hidden in this?
“You are just cannon fodder,It’s just pushed out and sold。Who is in my way,Whoever will die!”Lu Menglin said coldly。
After speaking,He holds Leiji,Go straight to the group of people。
Maybe this scene is too weird,When Lu Menglin walked closer,None of those people dared to do it,Look at each other。
Because they really can’t understand,This young man is holding Leiji,Walk straight towards them,Isn’t he afraid of death?
Sun Sanlei,He saw Lu Menglin approached,I’m about to enter the crowd,If you don’t stop this kid,Where do I put my face??
then,Sun Sanlei yelled,Brandishing the sword in his hand impermeably,Hacked at someone。