Secretary down,Wang Zhenguo raised his chin and pondered。

Chen Geng prepares to move the COMACF150Airliner sold to McDonnell Douglas Group,He actually already knows,The prerequisite for this deal to be concluded is Air China、Eastern Airlines chose McDonnell Douglas in this intercontinental airlinerMD-11。
As for why he didn’t explain to the secretary that Air China purchased from McDonnell DouglasMD-11、In exchange for McDonnell Douglas Group to buy COMACF150Technical things,It’s actually easy to understand,After all, it’s just a matter of no character,But now from the point of view that Chen Geng and the senior management team of the entire COMAC are going to visit him,This thing seems to be a little eye-catching?
Honestly,When I first heard the news from Minister Guo,Wang Zhenguo thinks that COMAC is crazy:What a joke,That’s McDonnell!The world’s first aircraft is being developed“Full two floors”McDonnell Douglas, a large intercontinental wide-body airliner!In order to be able to obtain and assemble McDonnell DouglasMD-80Qualifications,It took so much effort?Now you say you want to sell your own aircraft technology to McDonnell Douglas?
Isn’t this nonsense!
Is it possible that the technical strength of your COMAC is even stronger than McDonnell Douglas?
After listening to Guo Wenxiang’s analysis,Wang Zhenguo understands,It is not that COMAC has surpassed McDonnell Douglas in aircraft manufacturing technology and R&D level,It’s a coincidence that the time of COMAC and Chen Gengka,It happened to be stuck in McDonnell Douglas and used all the fundsMD-12Research and development、The civil aviation market in today’s world,The demand for short- and medium-range narrow-body trunk aircraft has changed in a special stage,This makes this thing a little bit of possibility。
From the perspective of China,Of course, Wang Zhen’s domestic heart hopes that this deal can be concluded.,If COMAC can obtain this business after receiving the support of Air China,Whether it’s out of personal national sentiment or something else,He is also willing to support COMAC——Whose plane is not buying?,Since buying a McDonnell Douglas plane can help you,How about that bunch?Air China Group is also the COMAC GroupF100Big customers,Everyone is friends。
It’s just days passed,Chen Geng didn’t even say to come and sit down、Say two words of thanks,This makes Wang Zhenguo feel a little unhappy:It’s one thing that I am willing to help you,But you can’t just be so at ease?You think it’s over?
I thought I could let Chen Geng run away in person,Wang Zhenguo“Puff……”Laugh out loud:“Count your kid will be a man。”
Can let the world’s richest man visit him in person,have to say,Wang Zhenguo is still quite proud,The unpleasantness in my heart before disappeared instantly without a trace。
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First1058chapter I am not dead,You are all princes
Going to my heart,Air China Group gave a very high reception standard to the arrival of the COMAC Group,Wang Zhenguo and the leaders of Air China personally stood at the gate of the group headquarters and waited,The long red carpet extends from the entrance of the office building to the entrance of the compound,I don’t know what the heavyweight leader is here。
For this scene of Air China,Chen Geng is extremely calm:I haven’t seen anything?
Seeing Chen Geng getting off the car,Wang Zhenguo took the lead with a big smile on his face:“Mr. Chen,welcome,Your arrival makes Air China shine。”
“Mr. Wang, you are too kind,You blame me for being too late,”Chen Geng firmly held Wang Zhenguo’s hand,Smiled:“Air China is usF100The largest purchaser of aircraft,ourF120After completing the airworthiness certification work,Air China is the first to drop us off12HomeF120Orders,Air China has supported our work with practical actions,Thank you,It should be me thanking Mr. Wang and Air China for their support to COMAC。”