Think about it,As Hu Ge now,And wealth,I really don’t need to care what Chen Yin thinks about that short winter melon,Anyway, there is no intersection with him。

If you say you become an enemy,Then look a little bit at the guy Chen Yin。The audience in the live room,Don’t think that guy has the capital to be an enemy of Hu。
“it is good,Brother Hu, you have the final say。”Wen Wenhao said。
Their group,Did not stay in place and wait for Chen Yin to catch up to apologize,Just wander in this ancient street,Looking for treasure。They come out,Not just to pick up the leak,Increase experience?
Especially Xiao Gao,I hope that in this short period of time,Learn more from Brother Hu。
“what is this?”Xiao Gao from a small stall,Pick up something,Asked。
I saw,That is a bracelet,String a few things that look like lotus flowers,At a glance,Very buddhist,Very zen,Very attractive vision。
“Bro,This is a lotus flower,Not expensive,Only one hundred yuan,Let’s have a bunch!”The stall owner introduced。
Only one hundred yuan?
This is beyond Xiao Gao’s expectation,Look at this thing,Really beautiful,Seems to be natural,Maybe processed,But it’s definitely not completely carved out。He thought,Should be quite expensive。
“A hundred is a bit expensive,Our side,Dozens of dollars a lot。This is plain,Made of wild pineapple。There is a lot of sand on the beach,Just don’t have the time to pick it。”Hu Yang said。
This stuff,When I first appeared in the Wenwan circle,Zen-like appearance,Like a buddha lotus,Immediately sought after,A bracelet that used to be very ordinary,I bought it for several thousand yuan,And those boutique,Once hundreds of thousands were out of stock。
The drop of blood means its color,After playing,The color gradually becomes red,Especially the top is very red like blood。
however,The so-called dripping lotus bodhi,Was quickly exposed,The raw material is actually made of wild pineapple。
“and,You drop of blood lotus,Not a drop of blood,Poor quality!It is clear,It’s a new product that hasn’t been played before。”
See Hu Yang and continue,The stall owner interrupted immediately:“OK!OK!70 yuan for you!”
Seeing Xiao Gao’s inquiring eyes,Populus euphratica nodded slightly:“If you play by yourself,The price is still acceptable。in fact,Play it,It’s the same truth as Wenwan Walnut。”