And not far behind women,Middle-aged man standing with a black robes,actually,Man is not standing,Be suspended!

In his impression,The man said a word.,“Miss,Not going,If you want to know the existence of young people,Farm,This is a fear of the disaster,Young master is also difficult to live!”
Listening to this man,Woman gently pushed him,Then quietly put this ring to his arms.,“Xuan Chung,Take care of Linger,Take good care of yourself,Don’t hate your mother”
Say this sentence,Woman turns around with black robe。
He stayed,Then crazy, generally chasing,pity,He did not chase,Because the black robe man and the woman are flying。
that’s it,He has been chasing, chasing,Until, I still stopped it.,And that woman,I haven’t returned,Just like the black robe man disappeared at the end of the sky.。
After a moment,Ye Xuan recovery thoughts,His right hand pinching the ring,His right hand itself is hurt,At this moment,Wound crack,A drop of blood suddenly dropped on the black ring。The ring in his hand suddenly trembled,Ye Xixiang is shocked,I quickly bowed to the ring in my hand.,On the moment he bowed,The ring suddenly turned into a black light and did not enter his eyebrow.。
Instant,Ye Xuan disappeared in the original place,Once again,Already in a midst of no stars。
Not far from him,Hanging a black tower,Tower has a twelve layers,So that is suspended there。High tower has four columns like a huge black iron chain lock,At the top of the tower,Insert a three-handed sword!
Whole tower,阴 阴 森 森。
Ye Xuan’s shock in the heart,He looked at the top of the first entrance,There,Two blood red characters:Ringer。
On both sides of the door,There are also two rows of blood red,Just a pair of couplets。
right:Forbidden,Banish,Forbidden people。
Thirty-nine-ninth chapter force battle Dong evil
Guiyunzhuang garden,Moonlight,I saw a peach flower rain.。
Two kinds of palm and leg law,Junior to the odd monk armor!
A palm,Falling in the hands,It seems that elegance is beautiful.0Handsome girl reading mobile phone,Let’s register a member?,Registered members can experience the novel。
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Sword, Ye Xuan Ye
author:Jiangshan feather
Chapter One:Who dares to move my girl!
Qingcheng,Leaf home,Ancestral。
“Ancestor,Ye Xuan invasive,No morality,Show Ye Xuan Shizi,Inherited by Ye can’t。”
Speaking is a old man in a black robe。
Not far behind the old man,Standing a teenager,Bird’s mouth hangs a faint smile。This person,It is Yafe。
Both sides,Ye Houzheng。
at this time,A somewhat voice suddenly sounded in this ancestral hall。
Everyone he said,A little girl standing at the door,Little girl is about 12 or three years old,Two small hands pinch the skirt,Face with a pale case,It looks a bit weak,There is also a smooth color in my eyes.。/wenxue/78863/53080994htl
This little girl named Ye Ling,It is Ye Xuan’s kismer,I heard the family to see Ye Xuan.,She rushed over her illness.。
Black robe old brow frowned,“Ye Ling,what are you doing!”
The little girl named Ye Ling has a slight gift in the ancestral hall.,Sound:“Elder,My brother is the world.,Why do you have to waste him??”