Another thunder,The colors in the network began to flow wildly,The naked eye has difficulty telling which color,The golden yellow square that has been floating above the veins quickly turns into purple gold,And released a dazzling flame,Up to a hundred feet,With a crash,The many gods and soldiers gathered above the gate have all disappeared,Turned by unimaginable high temperatures,Didn’t even leave any ashes。

The world quieted down,Everyone stopped fighting,Looking at the terrible golden chessboard,Slowly floating,Like the mirror of death,Even the horses and beasts under the crotch of the gods are trembling,Dare not make any noise。
Credit: The weird gourd in the hands of the elder has just been smashed to pieces by Yan Xiao’s golden mace,But the next thing,Yan Xiao couldn’t make a shot,He couldn’t believe what happened before him,So many soldiers and generals,alive,All disappeared just after a purple-gold flash,Yan Xiao immediately sensed that the nodes of more than a dozen gods close to him had dimmed,It means they have completely left this world,Fly ash annihilation。
“impossible!”Yan Xiao yelled at the sky,Shuangmao held high, looking for the position of the elder, and smashed it,But it was empty,Found that the elders were being supported by Li Yun,Yan Xiao furious,Describe crazy,Chasing,Roar,“Kill,Kill me,Kill these anti-thief!Leave none!”
Liyun is seriously injured,But the elders are even more unbearable,Their remaining spiritual power can’t even support the cloud control technique,A limping can’t run far,And the allied soldiers who woke up,Although there are still more than half of them waiting and watching,But the remaining half are as many as a thousand people,Just a bunch of people surrounded the two,Yan Xiao then drove the beast to,Raise the golden mace and slam it down。
“when!”A crisp sound,Yan Xiao’s powerful golden mace,Was knocked off by a black knife,He took a closer look,The man with the sword turned out to be the nasty boy,Isn’t this baby already hiding??When did you return to the battlefield?
but,Just come,Packed you together!Yan Xiao actually accepted the gold mace,Take a single palm at the boy,The palm is at least ten feet away from the teenager,But Li Yun suddenly tried his best to shout,“Blood handprint,Run away!”
The youth was surging with the blood of the golden mace just now,I’m dizzy and never come back to my senses,Yell with Liyun,He suddenly found huge blood-red palms all over his body,Gather around him quickly,In panic,The young man brandished a broken knife and slashed to the palm,It’s like killing those golden armored gods in a dream last night。
Others can’t see the way,I saw the boys hacking each other with knives like crazy,But Yan Xiao’s face suddenly became solemn,He can see the complicated lines connected by the knife,And felt a murderous aura that made him tremble,Both familiar and unfamiliar,Look at my palm again,There are countless thin blood lines appearing randomly,Although healed quickly,Also shocked him。
The difference in strength between the two is too far,How crazy is the young man,I couldn’t cut off these blood red palms,Both the front and the back received a palm,Hou Tu Temple credited the elders with all their strength to fly to the rescue and failed to block any attacks for the young man,I yelled unwillingly,Just passed out。
“Get on the road!”Yan Xiao didn’t even look at the elders,Smash to Liyun,Extremely cold eyes,Even if three people are resolved between two moves,It is also difficult to wash away his shame。
Suddenly the young man’s direction is dazzling,Yan Xiao’s eyes almost came out,The boy who got two palms stood up swayingly,There are dense golden squares around him.,Although each piece is only half the size of a palm,But they are slowly rising and falling together,How similar to the chessboard at Jinmen just now?
Hum~,An extremely powerful vibration echoed in the sky,The armor-like squares on the boy quickly turned purple gold,This is not the most terrible,The huge chess board lying above the big array,Sudden folds in the center,All the golden squares slowly stand up while floating,So that the entire chessboard has become a high wall in front of the battlefield,It’s just that this wall is so big and endless。
Everyone sees this wall,Suddenly the creeps,I don’t know who yelled first,“run!”,So everyone fled around like crazy,Escape at this time,All show their magic,The level of chaos is far greater than the scene of the fight just now。
And Yan Xiao is a soul flying away,Although he is arrogant,But it’s definitely not a reckless and foolish person,If the murderous purple and golden flames shoot out again,He contends that he can’t hold it with his cultivation at the peak state,So Yan Xiao’s figure slowly disappeared,The next moment has appeared thousands of miles away,I can’t even see a light spot。
however,That terrible purple-golden flame did not shoot out after all,Few have left on the battlefield,Are all those who were seriously injured but not dead,And the light of the armor on the boy quickly faded,Disappear soon,He is already limp,Shaky,Take a step away from the cloud and hold on,“Is the palace okay??”