Leo’s fingers are against his face,If Leo is so a little bit,His head is about to explode。

“Are you sure you are qualified to ask me these?If you don’t have this strength,So hurry up and find someone who is capable!”
Several people heard what Leo said,Dare to say one more thing,Running fast under the pressure of death。
Actually,Didn’t wait for a while,More people came out。
Such a big movement,Naturally, the people inside cannot sit still。
“It’s your kid who made trouble in our Moses union?”
Headed by a fifty-third level person,Looks good,Obviously a cadre of Moses。
“Where is your president?”Leo spoke lightly。
“Still want to see our chairman?Let me send you to see the king!”
The cadre of Moses obviously didn’t intend to say more,Rushed directly towards Li Ao。
Just at this time,Suddenly a flash burst out from Leo’s side。
It was the green bull next to him who made this blow,Naturally, it is the long-range attack in the navy。
The light of the smaller one rushed towards the cadre of Moses,The cadre’s eyes burst upon seeing the blow。
Obviously he also recognizes that this is Lanjiao。、
“sea…”Even though the cadre recognizes his feet,But it is obviously wrong to estimate the destructive power of the green cow’s foot。
Lanjiao led Moses’ cadres directly towards the crowd,Immediately smashed a clearing。