The Lord of Peng Gong and the Lord of Yanshan are not surprised。

The Lord of Void Gold in the Giant Axe Battlefield、The Lord of Jiuyu frowned。
And the Lord of Dongqing、The face of the Lord of Desolation is not very good,Especially the Lord of Famine。
Create another vein?
The five forces of mankind,The interests and power of the human race have almost been divided。
The main line of infinity opens again,Where does the benefit come from?
Virtual Universe Company,The giant axe battlefield backed by the strongest,Naturally, they cannot share their interests。
These benefits,In the end, it must be obtained from the Universe Mercenary Alliance and the two major banks。
And Li Ming’s【Infinite Palace】,It’s no secret at the highest level of humanity,Its function actually overlaps with the cosmic mercenary alliance。
“unlimited~”The Lord of Famine Jian looked at Li Ming coldly,“I also know the infinite palace of your treasure,But the number of strong people that can be accommodated is very small,I’m afraid I’m not capable of cultivating strong people alone.。”
“I just used my own resources before,Naturally cultivated people are limited,If there are resources like the Universe Mercenary Alliance,Nature can cultivate more geniuses。”Face interest,Li Ming naturally refused to give up。
Create your own vein,Then you can enjoy the supply of human resources,Supply with human resources,Li Ming believes in his own【Infinite Palace】It can be upgraded to the level of high and even the highest level.,The number of people trained can also be expanded ten million times。Of course the most critical,Not those resources,But it can recruit people from many countries
【Infinite Palace】Cultivate more talents,The more complex the time and space it appears,Li Ming will benefit from it。
“Five forces of my human race,Each force is supported by at least two universe masters,One Lord of the Universe,I’m afraid it’s not easy to lead the line。”