Yin Lingshi girl biting her small lips。

She can fool everyone,Only a prophet can’t be deceived。
First297chapter counting stars
The climate in Runyu City is indeed very comfortable。
Even in winter,You only need to wear a close-fitting lining,Then put on a nice gown at will,I don’t feel cold,Won’t look bloated,Affect their beauty。
It’s time to worry about Longliang again。
Xiao Baiqi’s star fragment crystals are almost eaten,Zhu Minglang had to drag people to several nearby countries to collect。
The meat of the big black teeth is easy to solve,Hao Ye has hunted the monster meat for Big Black Fang that he can’t eat for a month,Fang Niannian sold the extra meat that was not suitable for storage,Change some dragon meat biscuits,Make sure that the big stomach king will not be hungry this winter。
Shenmu Qingshenglong’s wood juice also costs money to buy,You can’t eat the fruit of the devil。
The main reason is that Xiao Baiqi’s rations are expensive。
I feel that no matter how many gems Zhu Minglang has searched,Are far from enough。