gained a lot,In addition to the nine wicked people,He also found the foothold of the Jiuxian wild chicken——Yixiangyuan。

It is said that Yuan Bazhen is really a big business.,Not only all the casinos in the city,It is his open.。
Seven days later,Liao Wenjie changed the book,Just walk to the door,The door is ringing。
Open the door,Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing,One person carrying a bag,Hope the dust servant。
This is the rhythm of running!
Seven days, don’t see this pair of plastic sisters,At first glance,Looks like it is more beautiful,Liao Wenjie is surprised:“Young girl,How are you……And white girl,How come you come?”
Bai Suzhen bite to teeth,not talking。
Xiaoqing is unhappy with my sister.,Hurry:“Is such that,I am playing with my sister at home.,One accidentally burned the house,There is no relative in the city to go.,I want to borrow a few days in the son.。”
“Do you spell this??”
“nothing,I mean,welcome any time,I have no problem.。”
“Son,You a dress,Where is preparing??”
“Yixiangyuan,Very famous。”
Two women’s brain,Especially Bai Suzhen,I didn’t want to understand for a long time.,Placing ready-made,Why do you seem to have to go to Yixiangyuan??
After a while,She suddenly realized,Saving its Liao Wenjie’s honesty:“I see,Prostitute is also a person,I will also be old and sick.,The son went to the Yixiangyuan for the visit,Right?”
“no,Just looking for fun!”
Chapter 357 Good handsome back
The first floor hall is full,Qinse,Yan Yan Yan plugs,From time to time, I will pass the seriousness.。
Liao Wenjie opened the folding fan into the door,Bai Suzhen, who follows the female dress behind him,A white,Brilliant son,If it is not stinking a face,That’s better.。
According to Liao Wenjie,Tonight should take Li Rui,Considering that Li Maochun has a risk of madness,Just Bai Suzhen and take the initiative to hit the gun,I changed a teammate.。
Bai Suzhen is also the same,That is the people,And the robbery of the Magic of the Fahai,Changed to her without better effect。
The instant appeared in two people,The color of the whole hall is raised by 50%.,It can also be understood as,There are too many ugly men in the lobby.。
Because the two people are too large,娇 语 语 语 语 停,The little sisters put the light,Swallow water,Next, consciously mention the trousers belt。
This makes the elephants are unhappy.,A few meanings,Is the money in your hands not fragrant??
“How did the two sons come?,The girls are waiting.。”Old screams,Feng Yun stills,Eyebrow,I have been working for many years.,It’s an old technique.。
“Can’t talk about,My brother, two people come tonight.,I used to pass by。”
Liao Wenjie waves folding fan,Blank,One side of the ink writing‘Heartman’Two words。
“Hey, this mouth,Start coming again,The confidence of the two sons is tight。”
Old, it’s seen that Bai Suzhen is a female dress.,No bitterness,Men, the flowers, her, her, her, her.,Know that Liao Wenjie is the master,Laugh:“Two sons,It is ready to listen to the music on the first floor.,Still directly on the second floor to talk about the wind and snow?”
“Second floor,I am going to be a poem。”
Liao Wenjie smiled and said,One did not pay attention,The cuffs fall down a small gold bead。
Old eye-catching,Bend down the waist:“Son,Your money is lost。”
Liao Wenjie waved,Nothing:“Let it fall.,Just as I funded,Let your boss to repair stairs,Broken,Looking at some years。”
Old hometown,Laugh,Through the chest tremble,Pull up Liao Wenjie’s hand to the second floor:“Thank you for generosity,Your request,Be。”
Bai Suzhen black face with a face,unhappy,very unhappy,Unhappy。
Look at Liao Wenjie experienced,I am sure that I will find it out.,The old man in and her is completely one day.。