[How to eat mango is convenient]_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat mango is convenient]_How to eat_How to eat

Many people especially like to eat mango. Its pulp is very delicate and sweet and nutritious.

The skin of the mango is not easy to peel. You need to cut the mango from the center with a fruit knife, and then peel the skin from both sides or cut the flesh into small cubes. If it is for children, you can also make the mango into mango juice.Be careful when using a fruit knife.

Let ‘s take a look at the specific method with Xiaobian.

1. Use a fruit knife to cut the mango from the middle and cut it against the middle core. Little novice 2 pick up the non-nucleus side, with the skin facing downwards, pick up the fruit knife and make a few vertical strokes. 3 Then gently push the middle finger with the lower finger, the mango is aligned and becomes a piece, just cut it with a fruit knife, as for the other half, just like peeling an apple, peel it well, and cut a piecePeel down END Note Mango, wash the fruit knife 2 first, wash the mango and squeeze the mango with your hands. Peel off the root skin and gently pull out the core.It is not completely separated from the core. At this time, you can use your teeth to bite the core and pull it out. The remaining peel is absolutely easy to eat. The core is very clean. The peel is very clean. 3. Prepare the tools and mango.Mango does not need to be washed, fruit knife and glass (transparent glass looks better).

Cut the mango with a fruit knife, it is better to cut it from the middle, but other methods are also acceptable.

At the mouth of the glass, place the mango skin outward and the meat inward.

Press harder, causing the flesh and peel to separate.

In order to save the skin, shave it once more, the worst meat is scraped off.

Process the other half and the other in turn.

5 Finally, you can eat with a spoon.

Or you can use the flesh as an ingredient for other dishes.

4. Wash the mangoes.

02 About one-third of the place, cut a slice next to the mango core, and cut another slice against the core on the other side of the core. At this time, the mango is divided into three pieces, and the middle one is the core.

03 Cut the two pieces without cores: use a knife to cut into diamond-shaped squares, cut into the peel, but never cut.

04Turn the two sliced mangoes upwards, and gently top them with your hands to form them. After turning them over, one piece of flesh will stand out.

In particular, if the knife is not familiar, it is recommended to place the blind light flat on the chopping board.