In a dream,Ding Kelan’s half brother Ding Keyu,After Dinklan disappeared unexpectedly,Come to the door to please Chen Limu’s heart。

Ding Keyu helped Chen Limu sit down,Pretending to be considerate:“How are you recently?take care of your body!Go to the hospital for regular checkups。”
Chen Limu listened,Replied repeatedly following his words:“it is good、it is good,I am healthy,But you are very worried about running around,Pay attention to your body,You are the hope of our Ding family。”
Ding Keyu pretended to be sad and said:“If only brother can find it soon,Can share the pressure on me now,Now almost the whole burden of carrying blue light is on me,I am deeply responsible。”
Ding Keyu didn’t know he was mocking his heavy burden and weak ability,I’m still bragging about being the dominant team in the company。
Chen Limu is not concerned about this,As soon as I heard my son’s name,His face became gloomy a lot,Forcefully said with a smile:“Ke Lan is really blessed,With a good brother like you,But he failed to enjoy this blessing。After he disappeared,I know,You are also very sad、Very hard,I stayed for a few all night and took a special class to find。”
Talking,Tears can’t stop running down the corner of my eyes,Ding Keyu hurriedly handed over a paper handkerchief,Chen Limu took it and wiped it off gently,Choked,Calm down。
Ding Keyu also looked sad,He said:“The police,I have also asked several times,Still no information,I hope my brother will have news soon。”
Chen Limu nodded,Keep saying:“Ke Lan is as sensible as you,If he listens to the adults,Won’t go racing,It won’t happen。”
Ding Keyu comforted:“Everyone has aspirations,Will have hobbies,No one thought that something like that would happen。”Ding Keyu pretends to be sad,False consolation。
Chen Limu praised him,Said:“If it wasn’t for a caring child like you,I don’t know how to live。”
Ding Keyu said:“I will come back to see you often,If you have anything difficult, just tell me。”
Chen Limu nodded。
Ding Keyu then asked:“correct,I heard earlier today,Someone who looks like my brother came here?”
Chen Limu was taken aback,Didn’t think deep,Said:“It’s a pity that he is not your brother,This is his first time here。”
Ding Ke Yucheng Mansion“Oh”With a:“I just entered the yard,I heard the waiter talk about this one after another。”