“Good girl shit!Good girl treats you as a treasure!I have heard the name Zhai Xiaoxin,She has a good reputation in our department。”The voice of Master Xu Jiao came from the lower bunk.。

Teacher Xu usually rarely speaks in the dormitory,He is more interested in sleeping than communicating with people,Even he spoke,It means that he has really heard of Xiaoxin’s name。
“you shut up!Don’t insult her!”
Liu Tao stood up fiercely and yelled,But he didn’t prevent his head hitting the top bed。
“Lao Liu,Whether or not what the leader said is true,Isn’t it true that this woman spent you so much money??You have to be sober,Don’t be fooled。”Zhang Bo suddenly hurt Liu Tao,Sighed。
“enough!You don’t understand anything!One only knows how to sleep,One only knows how to play games,You don’t understand love at all!”Liu Taosheng roared loudly。
After this kid finished roaring,Simply jump out of bed,Rushed to the door,Slammed the door and left。
402The three remaining people in the dormitory looked at each other,I didn’t expect this lover to be so angry!
Zhang Bo stood there for a long time,Then I looked up at the upper bunk,Do not know why,He always feels that Lu Menglin’s mind is actually the most mature in this dormitory,At this time, you have to listen to him。
“Lu Menglin,What do you say?”Zhang Bo sighed。
Lu Menglin poked his head out of the bed,Smiled:“Can do?This is life experience,It’s just fine。Time can tell,Can also obliterate everything,Don’t worry too much。”
For Lu Menglin’s current vision,Whether that Xiaoxin is really in love with Liu Taosheng,Are not that important。
Who has never met a few scumbags in a lifetime?Only experienced,Pained,Will grow,This is the throes of youth,Inevitable。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty One Poorest dormitory in history
Wee hours,Zhu Xiaoguang stumbled all the way,Back to402dorm room。
The first to wake up was Zhang Bo, who was sleeping by the door,Seeing Zhu Xiaoguang’s virtue,I know the big thing is bad。
“Zhuge,what’s the situation?”Zhang Bo asked softly。