When Xiao Fan’s voice fell,Lin Yoona immediately seemed to understand something,Said to Xiao Fan:“You mean,This Liu family is here,To ask for money from our family。”

“If my analysis is correct,That should be like this,otherwise,Can you think of anything else they will have for this trip??”Xiao Fan asked。
Lin Yuner shook her head,to be frank,Except when Xiao Fan just now,Analyzed this,She really just can’t analyze anything else。
But just when Lin Yuna felt that she should know the purpose of Liu family,She suddenly looked like a deflated ball。
“Yoona,What’s wrong with you,Did you think of something again??”Xiao Fan asked concerned。
“I thought about it,The possibility of them coming to ask for money is very high,But this shouldn’t be,The Liu family developed in the past has always been better than our Lin family,Although the performance has declined in recent years, right?,But the saying goes well,A lean camel is bigger than a horse,They should not be short of money to this level,Moreover,My mom starts from my memory,But I did not secretly send money back to the Liu family。”Lin Yuner curled her mouth and said。
Xiao Fan sweats suddenly,It turns out that Liu Chunlan sent them money,Lin Yoona actually knew it,If even Lin Yuna knew about this,,Then Lin Feng should be more clear!
It’s really because of Liu Chunlan who still thinks how strict she is doing this thing.!
It seems that the whole family knows this without exception,Just for Liu Chunlan,Lin Feng and Lin Yoona have been pretending to not know。
“So you know about this!”Xiao Fan said awkwardly。
Because Xiao Fan always thought that Lin Yoona didn’t know?
So after he knew,So I helped Liu Chunlan to hide the two Lin Feng and his daughter。
but,did not think of,I already knew it。