Since ancient times,Every spring rain,Heaven and earth meet,Generate Thunder,Hit in the mountains,Rebirth,Bring vitality to the earth。

The power of this thunder and lightning,Is the most mysterious in nature,Is also the most powerful force。
Among ancient myths and legends,Whenever a monster wants to get rid of the mortal womb,Transcendence,Will be backlashed by heaven and earth,Attracting thunder and lightning,Thunder Tribulation,Only powerful creatures who survived thunder,In order to obtain a new evolution of life。
And Chen Qingyun’s call of Thunder just now,Is to use the power of heaven and earth,Evolution Thunder,Attack Lu Menglin,I never thought I would miss it。
now,Lu Meng’s body is black and cyan,Well-defined muscles,Every muscle in the body is like steel,And contains explosive power。
This is his martial artist,Seeing God’s Immortal Body,Stimulate human life potential,Unparalleled combat skills“Body of ghosts”,Body of Gods and Demons。
This is the ultimate combat state of human warriors,Represents the ultimate human potential,Every bone on the body,Every muscle,Have stimulated the ultimate potential,Reproduce the richness of gods and demons in ancient times。
however,When manpower is exhausted,Just by the body of a ghost,It may not be able to stop the power of thunder that purifies everything。
and so,In Lu Menglin’s body,In addition to the ghosts and gods representing human potential,There is another force,Just
Light pattern power。
This light pattern power,At first Lu Menglin always thought,Is exclusive to the god nation,I can have this power,Because of the rewards of the system。
however,just now,When he was struck by thunder,Light pattern power emerges automatically,Fusion of Thunder Power,Not only reduced the lethality of Thunder,It also gave Lu Menglin a new understanding of this power。
Light pattern power,Can be transformed by the power of blood,It is a higher-level power than the power of human martial artist,It is not the same as the space energy in the dark race,Even overwhelmed。
but,Just when those few thunders fell on him,Lu Menglin was shocked to discover an amazing fact,The power of the light pattern is almost the same as the energy attribute of Thunder,It’s just that the energy structure of the light pattern is more stable。
Humans and nature are not opposites,Humans are the same as other creatures,Also part of nature。
and so,The power of qi and blood cultivated by humans,Can be transformed into light pattern power,And the fission mode of light striation power,It seems to have produced the power of thunder。
“You really are a monster!I want to see how many thunders you can withstand!”Chen Qingyun in midair recovered,Gritted teeth。
He didn’t expect Lu Menglin to be so difficult,And did things that he couldn’t even do,Carry the power of thunder with the flesh。
As the commander-in-chief of the Earth Alliance,Chen Qingyun’s strength for the top ten strong players on the Billboard,In fact, they all know something。
He knows Lu Menglin’s trick,Can be transformed into the body of a ghost for a short time,indestructible,Powerful,Once slashed a dozen tanks,Hao Yong Wushuang。