Will it hurt Lena?!

to be frank,Xin Zhao never thought about this problem,Because for him,This question is negative,Won’t exist。
“Big sister head,Are you brain watt,How could i hurt you,Now I don’t even move smoothly, okay。”Thought for a while,Xin Zhao felt that he should avoid the edge for now,Because he suspected that this was the set that Reina gave herself。
According to Xin Zhao’s understanding,When people are in a bad mood,It’s best to find a punching bag,Then take the qi in your body,Vent it all,That’s good。
of course,Now in Zhao Xinjin,I seem to be about to be this punching bag。
Heard this perfunctory answer,Of course Lena won’t be satisfied。She finally wanted to talk about her troubles,Xin Zhao actually dared to answer like this。
“Forget it,Don’t want to say it,Please let go of my hand!”
Talking,Lena is going to take her little hand back。
And Xin Zhao certainly won’t let Rena take her palm back,If she took her little hand back,How can Xin Zhao take advantage?,Do not,How do you comfort Lena?。
“I said,I said,I haven’t thought about this problem before,Big sister, you give me a little time to think, OK?!”Xin Zhao grabbed Lena’s tender hand with both hands,Then beg for mercy。
Facing Xin Zhao’s plea,Lena agreed with him“But time limit,If you don’t answer after a minute,Then stop talking!”
“Good,One minute one minute!”
Xin Zhao casually agreed,Then began to think about this issue carefully。
Will I hurt Lena??
to be frank,If Lena doesn’t target the earth,Xin Zhao felt that he would never stand in opposition to Lena,Wait until my parents are a hundred years later,The earth’s bondage to Xin Zhao no longer exists,By the time Xin Zhao could go to Lieyang to hug Lena’s thigh。
I will get a few maids the last time,And live a luxurious life there,I feel happy just thinking about it。