at this time,A middle-aged woman in her fifties knocked on the door and walked in,She carried a big plastic bag,She put the bag on the coffee table,Then smiled and said to Wang Yihua:“President Wang!Everything you want is here“

Wang Yihua nodded,She glanced at her watch and said:“Aunt Wang!It is half past two,You and Lao Liu can go home。Come back before six o’clock。Front door locked,Release the big flower and the black tiger“
Middle-aged woman nodding,said laughingly:“Ok,Then we will go home once,I’ll leave it to you for now“
When the middle-aged women go out,Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“Here you are the two couples?“
“Ok!Other workers are released,It’s autumn now,Some time later,Bees are going through winter,Nothing here,Too many people are useless。Their husband and wife live on the mountain next door,It takes only an hour back and forth。Moreover,There are two bulldogs,Release,Most people don’t want to approach this bee farm“Wang Yihua said very confidently。
Her voice just fell,Just listen to two dog barks,Then the hidden door was pushed open。Two black and white bulldogs squeezed through the door,This body is stronger than Xiao Hei。
“big flower!Black tiger come here,this is my friend,But need to recognize“Wang Yihua walked over,Patted the heads of these two dogs,It’s like talking to someone。
These two guys are very smart,Seems to understand what Wang Yihua said,They really ran to Xia Jian,Sniffed him,Make Wang Yihua laugh。
This dog is the same as a human,It’s been a long time since I saw Wang Yihua,They rubbed their bodies on Wang Yihua’s legs,Significantly intimate。Wang Yihua took out the dog food from the drawer without losing the opportunity,Put them in their mouths。These two guys ran around the house happily。
“Black Tiger went to see the bee farm,Dahua waits for me outside,Take us up the mountain in a while“Wang Yihua is like talking to people,Speak loudly to the two dogs。
Really good,Heihu and Dahua really ran out of the room。This made Xia Jiangui really laugh,He just thought,Xiao Hei is already a non-cong dog,Unexpectedly, I ran into two more here。
“Don’t underestimate these two guys,I paid a lot of money to buy it back,Ready to raise at home,But later I found out that this body is too big,Belong to bulldog,And hire someone to train,Finally put them here,Can be considered a pomp“Wang Yihua said,Smiled happily。
After smiling, she remembered the plastic bag on the coffee table,She came over and opened,Took out a bottle of honey and said:“This is Our pure honey,Are all brewed from mountain flowers,I can’t buy it outside。There are ten bottles in total here,Give Mr. Guo and Xiaoxi two bottles each,The rest is yours“
Xia Jian curiously picked up two bottles of lard-like things and asked Wang Yihua:“And this honey?“
“ Silly!This is royal jelly,Especially nutritious,But like you ate,It is said to be very mighty,You can be careful if the bed can stand it“Wang Yihua said,Covered his mouth and laughed。