Shen Yingjie suddenly tightened,Hugged by a solid and powerful arm,Then there was a feeling of falling forward,Actually leaned against the thick chest of the opponent,Immediately shame and angry,I don’t know what Li Tianzhen is doing,The elbow hits the opponent’s rib after the stress response。

“Hold your breath,Don’t breathe。”Li Tianzhi has a pain,The sound leaks a little bit,Then Yingjie Shen felt her waist tight again,The other party hugged her regardless,Suddenly there is wind in my ears,The body starts to violently bump,Li Tianzhen has already started running。
Inside the cave,Shen Yingjie suddenly couldn’t see anything,The vision just adjusted to the dark environment is lost again,The skin feels strangely cold,It hurts like acupuncture in an instant,No specific part,My whole body hurts,It hurts to the extreme soon,As if there are thousands of knives scratching on the body,She suddenly remembered that Li Tianzhen asked her to keep her breath,I almost yelled,I quickly reached out to cover my mouth,But found that the arm can’t move,Mo Ming’s fear made her suddenly fall into the abyss。
I can still hear the sound of footsteps,Gradually the voice is getting fuzzy,Shen Yingjie feels his body has fallen into a black hole that cannot be seen to the end,Tumbling and spinning,There are strands of black air lingering around,The deeper you go, the more black energy,A lot of black air tangled together and condensed into a cluster,Substance,The head of a monster suddenly appeared in front of him,Very obtrusive,This thing has a big mouth with a blood basin,Very scary,In panic, Shen Yingjie kicked the monster’s chin,This head flew far away。
But before she could catch her breath,Another head appeared,It was the man with a big hole in his chest that I saw just now,The chubby face keeps a strange smile,Her head is reflected in her huge eyes,This time, Shen Yingjie finally couldn’t hold back and screamed loudly,At the same time, he rose up and kicked the man’s face fiercely,Head away again。
But more heads made of black gas surged,Shen Yingjie punches and kicks like crazy,But she can’t move the next moment,The faces floating in the distance are very familiar faces,That is Xu Wen,Faint smile,Handsome face,Although dark,But still can’t hide his heroic posture。
“what!”Shen Yingjie holding his head in pain and shouting loudly,But there are always familiar faces flying by,‘Ranger’Companion in,Even instructors,And the comrades in the army、A long-awaited girlfriend Huayun,Friends from school days,Time seems to be tracing back quickly,She even saw her young self,Sitting in the stroller,Put your thumb in your mouth and suck it sweetly,Smile satisfied。
Familiar pictures are flying in front of her like explosive fragments,These fragments gradually become trivial,And then split into tiny black spots,Every black spot grows limbs and head,Holding a huge mouthpart that is not commensurate with the body, the monster called and threw at Shin Yingjie。
Am i dead?What a terrifying and dark world this is?Is it hell?Shen Yingjie’s nerves are on the verge of collapse,She suddenly wanted to laugh,But just about to open your mouth,Was firmly covered by a big hand。
“hold onto,Don’t breathe。”A familiar and warm voice lingers in my ears,It was a little ethereal and illusory at first,But it has strong toughness and penetration,Finally, there was a bang in Shen Yingjie’s mind,Those black、The very evil bug suddenly turned into nothingness,Her head became clearer all at once,I feel the cold wind around me again,And the sound of footsteps。
Li Tianzhen went crazy and ran towards the entrance of the cave,His body also began to tremble,The sea of vitality is boiling and roaring,But why can’t it break out of the sky,Colorful beams of light flicker,Buzzing,Can’t penetrate the night sky without stars,The huge sky seems to be covered by a black cloth with no end in sight,The black cloth emits black air like a living thing,Black gas is getting stronger,Filled the night sky,Cover up all the stars。
There are constantly dark golden runes falling from the air,The little golden man leaped high,Catch a petal-shaped rune,Trying to push the rune back into the beam of light,But it failed,Unexpectedly the rune is so heavy,Take it down to the sea of vitality。
Li Tianzhi who lost his vitality,Situation is terrible,Hallucinations began to appear in my mind,Almost exactly the same as Shin Yingjie’s situation,But fortunately he still has a sea of vitality,Although the vitality like a huge wave cannot break through the dark sky,,But it also effectively blocked the further intrusion of black gas,Countless runes burst into the night sky and exploded,Burning the raging black air,Some obscured stars showed light again,However, more black air comes from the shady scene,Rushing downwards with teeth and claws,Two powerful consciousnesses fought fiercely over the sea of vitality,Gradually fall into a stalemate。