“what?Five thousand yuan,Dare you say。People’s heads are broken,I heard a lot of blood was shed。You can’t give ten thousand,Let me give you eight thousand less!”

on this side,Wang Youcai is an expert。In fact, when he called Wu Wu just now,Call him,The person who was beaten was only slightly injured,Medical expenses are just over 1,000 yuan,If you can get five thousand yuan, it will be settled.。These three thousand yuan,But Wang Youcai added it himself。
Du Xiaohong is a smart man,When she heard that Wang Youcai said,She took the wine bottle and walked to Wang Youcai’s side,Then smiled and said:“Boss Wang!You don’t look at the face of the monk but the face of the Buddha,Three thousand yuan for someone like my brother,Not a small number。Talk more,If you can avoid it”
Wang Youcai fixed his eyes on Du Xiaohong’s tall chest,He didn’t hold back,Then reached out,I hugged Du Xiaohong’s somewhat plump waist,Then gently,Du Xiaohong took the opportunity to sit in his arms。
“Boss Wang!Let’s drink the bar!”
Wang Youcai smiled:“Drink a fart wine,I want to drink your wine”Wang Youcai smirked,Grabbed Du Xiaohong’s wine glass。He slammed Du Xiaohong down on the sofa。
“Boss Wang!You haven’t said about the three thousand yuan”
Du Xiaohong twisted gently***,A look of wishing to welcome or reject。Seeing Du Xiaohong like this,Wang Youcai couldn’t hold back for a long time。
He said roughly:“no,If unavoidable,Even if I paid the money”
“Say it early”Du Xiaohong smiled,The two people hug each other。
the next day,When Wang Youcai was sleeping on Du Xiaohong’s big bed, Zhengxiang,His phone rang。Wang Youcai touched the phone and took a look,I found it’s already over nine o’clock,Du Xiaohong by his side has long since disappeared。
The phone is the base number,Wang Youcai was a little unhappy to connect。Tian Wa’s a little worried voice came from inside immediately:“Wang Ge!Where are you?Liu Ying cut the vegetables,Very serious,Must go to the hospital for treatment”
“Oh!You guys get ready to go to the gate,I’ll be back in 20 minutes at most”
Wang Youcai hung up the phone,I quickly got dressed and got out of bed。Only then did he feel,Mixed body soreness and weakness。He really didn’t expect,On the surface, a serious Du Xiaohong,This sex is still pretty powerful。Wang Youcai almost fell into the hands of this woman。