“But really competitive with us,Just now the Nine Spirits Yuansheng is one。”

quickly,The Red Dust Boat flies all the way,But encountered several flying boats one after another、Palace magic weapon。
It is clear,These flying boat palace magic weapons are all here to find the crocodile devil。
On these flying boats,From ten to twenty gods and gods,More than 30 people,And are led by those top gods,At least it is sure to deal with the strength of a Seven Lunar God。
Lu Dongbin is considered to be a direct line of Daomen,Is of human origin again,More popular。
Most of the gods and gods who came to deal with the crocodile king,I can get some friendship with him,Even if there is a competitive relationship,But not hostile。
But occasionally there are some gods and gods,Quite hostile to their group、indifferent。
For example,The black warship that passed by the Red Dust Flying Boat just now。
“No room door?!”Lu Dongbin’s face turned gloomy,During the First World War,He has not reincarnated,Or the Emperor Donghua of the ancient heaven,Also participated in that battle。
Countless friends have died tragically under Wujianmen’s hands。
Although Wujianmen is now integrated into the Three Realms,But it is impossible not to be hostile。
of course,Not just him,Wang Lingguan、Qingfeng Daotong has been hostile to Wujianmen,Among the four, Li Ming has never played against Wujianmen。
Even in the life of the candle dragon,He fought Luo Hui,Killed the Chaos Alien Mind General。
But long before the invasion of Wujianmen,He will reincarnate,The only time I have dealt with Wu Jian Men before was when Wu Jian Men pulled him into the group and was rejected。