From morning till now,Something is wrong。

“I won’t let go!Unless you lend me money……”
Ran Jing grasped Fang Yu tightly,Unwilling to let go。
Fang Yu is also afraid of hurting Ran Jing,No effort to shake off。
“You owe money?I remember that,Your salary is not low……and,Your Xu Chao won’t buy you luxury goods?”Fang Yu wondered。
“I bought it by credit card……I have no money to pay it back……You only need to lend me ten thousand。I won’t pester you anymore!”
Ran Jing cried and said。
“There are ten thousand in this card,You do it yourself!”
Fang Yu handed a card to Ran Jing。
I suddenly feel more relaxed!
Fang Yu now,I can say goodbye to the past completely!
“Thank you!!”
Ran Jing got Fang Yu’s card,Left quickly。
“what happened?”
Go back to Fang’s pharmacy in Fang Yu。
Fang Deyun is not happy seeing his son’s emotions。
I went to have a meal with other beautiful women at noon。