Zhou Yewu and Xu Ruo were returned to the face of summer red autumn。
Xia Hongqiu is crying,Faint:“Thank you for。”
Originally thought she would say a lot,I didn’t expect to just say a thank you.,Zhou Ye is silent。
“Take a good rest.。”
Zhou Ye turned around the ward,Xu Ruobei gave a door with the back,How to deal with medical expenses about Xiahongqiu,Xu Ruo is suggested that he wants to contact local donation agency,I agree with this Ziyu.。
“Poor disease,Take a look at there is no good person to help them.,Recently, there is something like it.,That thing is perhaps useful。”Xu Ruo Reminds。
“it is good,I want to contact the dean of the orphanage.,There is still some of her?。”
Zhou Yewu and Xu Ruoge have been in a few beds to have come to a ward,In the ward is a Zhou Niwu, I haven’t seen youth guys.,No patient’s clothing,But wearing your own clothes,Green flower shirt,Blue cowboy,I have been stomach。
No patient’s clothing,It is a new patient.。
Zhou Ye watched the appearance of young people,Body type,Many small sectations and black sputum on your face,Some looks like。
“This is a new patient,You handle it.。”Xu Ruoi pointed to the young people without evil.。
Young people look at Zhou Ye has some questioning,Some proud deeds:“Can he see my illness??”
Xu Ruo is directly cold and cold.:“Then you are ready to go back??Not treated?”
Put your young people in a word,Zhou Ye is also stunned。
It is estimated that Xu Ruo is invisible to say this.,Not afraid that the superior leadership is handled。
Zhou Ye went to open a patient’s bed number,Seeing the name called Qi Pingjun,age29,It is indeed a young man.。
“Why is it uncomfortable??”Zhou Ye took out the medical record clip,Place white paper on top,Prepare to start recording history,Such operation,Repeat every day,Get him, actually some upset,But I have to repeatedly do these things every day.。
The momentum of Yan Pingjun was eliminated after Xu Ruo.,Speaking also became the only Inor:“stomachache,Have loose bowels。”
“How long?”
“More than ten days。”
“Do you have so before??”
“have,It’s more than four or five years ago.。”
Zhou Ye was surprised to look at the Pingjun,This looks old,The medical history is very long,Just saying that from Yan Pingjun almost24I started abdominal pain and diarrhea.,This disease is a bit long.,It looks a chronic disease。
His first idea is that there is a problem with the diet of Jun Pingjun.,Or parenteralness,May be related to the digestive system。
“Where is it mainly??”Zhou Ye asked,Staring at Li Pingjun’s belly,Want to see what part is,The pain of the pain represents different parts is different.,The latter organ is different。
I saw that the Hupping Army refers to his left lower abdomen.,Use your hand pressure to buy,The face is blue。