Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education issued 2021 "The most beautiful college counselor" "the most beautiful college students" advanced deeds

Video Source: Central Radio and Television True Taiwan Xinhua News Agency Beijing, December 7th The style and the SECRETARY AND TECHNOLOGY, I have jointly issued the "most beautiful college counselor" advanced deeds in 2021 "The most beautiful college counselor" in 2021. The 10 college counselors such as Ma Jun, Liu Yan, Liu Wei, Liu Guoxin, Qun, Zhao Yuxi, Xue Bing, were rated as "the most beautiful college counselor" in 2021.

They have sowing beliefs, guiding students to determine their ideal beliefs in the history of study; some use "big thoughts", guide students to enhance the "four confidence" in the combination of theory and practice; some dedication, heart Caring, guarding the healthy growth of students. Liu Wei, Liu Yaodong, Yang Qian, Song Zhe, Zhang Jian, Abra River, Zhou Jie, Zhou Jinyu, Huang Jun Ting, Liang Ronghao and other college students were rated as "the most beautiful college students" in 2021. They have to bring their words, take the initiative to ask for a hard border; some struggle, fight in the Olympic stadium; Some scent of technological innovation, write the paper on the land of the motherland. The majority of teachers and students said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, especially the ideological and political work conferences in colleges and universities since the national ideological and political work.

The deeds of "the most beautiful college counselors" will motivate the majority of college counselors to better implement the fundamental tasks of the Lordshire, and firmly practice "the mission of party education, and the national training"; "the most beautiful college students" will incentive Young students patriotic love people, hammers morality, be brave in innovation, realism, and strive to become a newcomer.