[Can pregnant women eat kelp]_kelp_pregnancy_can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat kelp]_kelp_pregnancy_can you eat

Pregnant women are the most protected objects in the family, because the fetus in the belly of a pregnant woman is the hope of a new family force. Therefore, various actions for pregnant women, including diet, need to be focused on. Some women prefer it after pregnancy.Eat kelp, think that kelp can feed milk and supplement nutrition, but can pregnant women eat kelp?

How to eat it?

Take a look at the following explanation.

1, pregnant women can eat kelp, supplement the amount of iodine, so as not to cause poor development of obesity and mental retardation.

So it is okay for pregnant women to eat kelp in moderation, as long as you follow the correct method of use and do not consume too much, there is no harm in eating kelp.

2, pregnant women do not drink tea immediately after eating kelp (tea contains amino acids), and do not immediately eat sour fruits (acid fruits contain plant acids).

Because kelp is rich in iron, these two foods will hinder the absorption of iron in the body.

3, pregnant women do not eat kelp.

This is because the iodine in the kelp can enter the plasma with the blood circulation, causing thyroid dysfunction.

4. Due to the rich iodine content in kelp, patients with hyperthyroidism should not eat kelp, which will aggravate the disease; pregnant women should not eat kelp.

5, pregnant women must pay attention to the freshness of kelp when buying kelp, some kelp has been placed continuously, and after curing will produce some undesirable substances such as nitrite, so you must pay attention to the quality of kelp when buying kelp.

6, pregnant women eat kelp can be cooked with meat and bones or shellfish and other soups, stir-fried kelp shredded pork, kelp shrimp, or boiled with mung beans, rice, cold salad is also a good choice.