[Can baking cake be made without oil paper]_ 无 油纸 _ 可 可以

[Can baking cake be made without oil paper]_ 无 油纸 _ 可 可以

You must use oiled paper when baking cakes, because when you put the cake in the oven, the temperature of the oven is very high. In order to avoid cake batter, you need to use some oiled paper at this time, and oiled paper and our ordinaryPaper is not the same. He does not make the cake stick to the paper. It is also convenient to use it as a mold for the cake.

Whether to put oily paper depends on the type of cake to be baked. Generally sponge cakes (commonly known as whole egg cakes) need oily papers to facilitate demolding.


Place it on a baking sheet, eliminating the hassle of cleaning the baking sheet, especially when baking small snacks and cookies!


When baking the cake, add tin foil during baking to prevent the surface from being too dark. Another advantage is that it can spread the heat radiation on the cake surface to avoid surface cracking.

Friends who often roast meat can use it to wrap and roast meat, so the roasted meat is relatively tender and full of water.


You can also use the previous movable bottom mold to wrap it into a solid bottom mold (the wrapping method is here), so that you can use the water bath baking method without buying a solid bottom mold?
Use of greased paper: 1.

Grease paper is an essential tool when making cake rolls.

On the one hand, it can be placed on a baking sheet, and the cake can be demoulded; on the other hand, the oily paper is relatively soft. When rolling the cake, it can be easily rolled with a rolling pin.

Because the material of the foil is harder here, it cannot be replaced with foil.


Because aluminum foil paper cannot be microwaved, oily paper must be used when microwaves are required.

In summary, oil paper and foil have their own advantages, so when you choose, do n’t leave them both, just in case you need them. How to choose foil and oil paperChoose a 30cm × 5m carton package, one is clean and hygienic, and the other can be used and stored.