“What to run?Mom hasn’t finished yet,Sit down sit down。”

Huo Yunhe looked helplessly at her shameless mother,Very speechless,You said you are an aunt who loves square dancing,So much energy,“mom,I have to go to work tomorrow,You go get a beauty sleep too。”
“No hurry,”Yun Minzhi didn’t see her son’s sad face,Mumbling,“Your sister Yawen is only two years older than you,My son is three years old,I got another one in my belly,Have a second child soon,look at you,Why are you behind so much,Mom’s old face has lost you!”
Sister Yawen got pregnant unmarried,The house is almost turning the sky,Although my husband’s house is a grand wedding,But their Huo family is still resentful,Until now, Brother-in-law comes home,I still can’t straighten up。
Huo Yunhe looked at the spiral staircase helplessly,My mother stood there condescendingly watching the brother-in-law who came to the house,Not a good face。
“mom,When my sister had a boyfriend,That’s not what you said?Why did you get here,You can get on the bus first and make up the ticket?”
“Can that be the same?”
Yun Minzhi gave her son a roll of eyes,“Your sister is a girl,In case you encounter scum,What to do if you suffer?Your character mother put a hundred hearts,You just have to bring your wife back,Mom will do your wedding right away,If double happiness comes,Just better!”
No more,There is a mother who is too sturdy,He reallyHOIDCan’t help,Rushed upstairs,“I am sleepy,Go up first,Good night mom。”
“son,The apartment in the city is very close to the company,You can live there,Mom looks forward to your good news。”
Yun Minzhi’s too straightforward words made Huo Yun and his legs shake,Almost didn’t fall on the stairs,Turning to look at mother with a narrow smile,Nodded heavily,“I will move in tomorrow。”
Huo Yunhe who can’t sleep in bed,Remembering what mom said just now,Can’t help but laugh。
They say mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are natural enemies,I haven’t got along well since ancient times,but,This situation does not exist in their home。
When grandma came in,Too grandma took grandma’s hand,Thank her for taking care of her son;When mom came in,Grandma gave the same words to her。
When he was born,Grandma is gone,The impression of her is only the recount of grandma。
Grandma said,The rise and fall of a family,The person in power is critical,The wife of the person in power is equally important,Only husband and wife work together,In order to be invincible in the treacherous waves。
Grandma Tai said all the best,It has always been the family motto of their Huo family,Grandma also carried out this spirit,In Huo Yunhe’s memory,Grandma and mother never blushed,Even if opinions are not uniform,It’s also right and wrong。
Such a good family style,Yiyi has such a good temper,Will soon be incorporated。