First of all,He is not a masochist,Second, he likes the Xiaojiabiyu type。

This type of queen,He can’t figure it out。
“That one,I suddenly remembered that I still have some papers that I haven’t finished writing,beauty,Go there and report my Xin Zhao’s name,Just keep my account,Goodbye!”
Just go,For girls who are not sure,Xin Zhao will not be a dog in investment。
I think he is a top student of the North Star,No girl,Pooh!
“You have to go,sure,I’ll be beaten up first!”Lena saw Xin Zhao slipping away,I feel his charm is ignored by him。
And Lena will tell Xin Zhao a truth today,People who ignore her charms,Need to be beaten up by society。
“what are you doing!”
Raise your hand,Xin Zhao feels like he has entered the legendary bullet time,The girl named Rena,If you don’t agree, you will start fighting,He reached out and blocked Rena’s fist。
then,Fly out。
‘I go,Is this guy a cow?,So much strength,What did you eat?!Without delay,Run quickly!’Xin Zhao has no other ideas at this time,For this queen type,People who will fight if they don’t agree,He really doesn’t want to provoke。
“Reina,This guy activated the genetic program,There is no problem with being able to withstand your punch,It seems that the degree of activation of this gene is quite high!”Jace watched Xin Zhao being punched by Lena and flew out ten meters,Then pat butt,Ran away in a hurry,Said to Lena。
Yes,Just a slip of smoke。
Xin Zhao’s body emits some arcs,To fly the dust around,And then ran away,With Jace’s ability,Really can’t catch him。
As for Lena,This is the finger extending the sleeve length,Touched chin“Interesting and interesting,Did not expect this generation of German Star Gun,Unexpectedly so powerful,I only activated for three days,He was not trained,Opened the genetic program,This person belongs to me。”