Gong Changchun shook his head and said:“Dragon King is the most disciplined person,I’m afraid I won’t sell my face。but,If you add the face of the four of you together,Might make him make concessions。”

Tang Ren and Gong Changchun are the most familiar,Laughed:“You little spring is cunning,It’s okay to save face on your own,I just want to bring us,You are not willing to eat at a small loss。”
“Okay,You can contact Dragon King,Today, some of our old guys will sell for the face,See if our face is worth the money。”
Ye Hongfei and others naturally nodded in agreement,Qin Bodong said:“The Dragon King’s problem is resolved,How to deal with Burning Heaven,Chen Xiu and Fentian have a deep grievance,The face of the five of us alone may not necessarily make Fen Tian regress。”
“No face,We just use the lining!”
Ye Hongfei said domineeringly:“Although the Liu family in Kyoto behind Burning Heaven is a family that has passed on for hundreds of years,In fact, it’s just an old ship in dilapidated condition。Although our five are upstarts,Not as long as they are,But we join hands,Don’t believe he won’t give in!”
654 Dragon King’s Covenant
After Chen Xiu hung up the video call,O Sheng was pulling him over and over and asking about the things he met Ge Hong last night。
Chen Xiu repeated it again,Said:“It’s really scary thinking about it now,I actually had a fight with a fairy last night!”
O Sheng rolled his eyes and said:“You are not called fighting,Called beaten!”
Although the truth is the truth,Fact is this fact,It just sounds so uncomfortable。
“You got him in the chest last night,All right?”
“What can be,Fairies are nothing more than that。”
Chen Xiu bragged that he completely forgot the pain he vomited after waking up last night.。
“But it’s really strange,Logically,There should be six when Ge Hong became a fairy、70 years old now。Why is he so young when I saw him last night?”
“Immortals can live forever,What’s so surprising when you look the youngest。”